3 Reasons You Need to Hire a Tour Guide System for Your Event

Whether you’re setting up a staff training session or arranging a tour, ensuring that the audience can hear the speaker clearly over a distance can be quite the challenge. You’ll have to make sure they overpower all background noise, which can consist of construction work, the hum of machines, and general chit chat. Such audio power requires a robust tour guide system that can transmit sound well even in the noisiest circumstances.  Tour guide systems use a wireless transmitter with a microphone, which broadcasts the tour leader’s voice to individual receivers equipped with headphones. Each individual in the tour group has a receiver, allowing them to hear the speaker comfortably. This setup is necessary for an optimized tour, as event or tour attendees won’t have to strain their ears to listen and focus. A tour guide system can also accommodate the hearing impaired, making your tours more accessible. Here are three reasons a tour guide system rental will benefit your next event:  
  • It Saves Money

  Although there are many wireless tour guide systems that you can buy if you plan to host consecutive tours, they often come with hidden costs. You may think that you’re saving money by investing in a tour guide system, but you’ll also have to consider its storage and maintenance. They must be neatly organized for storage to avoid tangling the headset wires together. You’ll also need to ensure they’re in good condition and regularly maintain them. Another high cost of owning a tour guide system is that you’ll have to keep it up to date, which can entail purchasing more components or upgrading outdated systems. Given the rapid pace of development in technology, your costs can quickly accumulate. Fortunately, you can bypass all of these problems with a tour guide system rental. Each time you rent one for your event, you can guarantee that they are in top condition and have the latest technology.  
  • It Allows Customization

  If you continuously increase the number of transmitters and receivers you use, buying a tour guide system will quickly rack up in expenses. It can be tough to forecast the size of your events or tours a year or two from now. Overestimating it can be incredibly expensive as well. Rental tour guide systems allow you to get the system fit for your audience’s size for a specific tour, along with the number of speakers or group leaders. You can simply downsize for your next outing or event if you expect only half to participate, then triple the number of headset rentals for your massive event. The ability to customize the sets according to your needs is one of the winning reasons a rental is more advantageous than purchasing your own system.  
  • It Offers Flexibility

  The logistics of arranging a tour or event is often tricky, so you’ll have to put a lot of care into ensuring your tours have enough headsets. The quantity shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve purchased a system, but it’s a different situation if they’re coinciding. Fortunately, in this case, a rental tour guide system will come in handy.  Going for an audio guide rental allows you to take care of the needs of your events, even when they’re overlapping and taking place at the same venue. Rental companies are professionals who know how to equip you with the correct systems for each event while ensuring their compatibility. 


Providing a comfortable yet enriching event or tour is highly reliant on the tour guide system you use. Although you may consider purchasing a system for these events, they often come with costs that make it difficult to maintain. Renting a tour guide system is a more cost-affordable and efficient option for your attendees while delivering an unforgettable experience.  If you’re hoping to rent a tour guide system for your event, let us know at Plant-Tours! We rent and sell tour communication equipment, including wireless systems and one- and two-way radios. Whether you have customer tours, floor walks, live translations, or training sessions, we have the equipment you’ll need to organize a successful event. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you!