You’ve purchased a tour guide system with the appropriate headsets, and it’s working perfectly. In fact, having a system readily available has been a real asset. You may have purchased it for one particular scenario. But, as with anything that adds to your business, you’ve started to find other uses for it as well.

For example, you might have acquired the tour guide system to give tours of your facility, introducing your investors and upper management to your operations. While it may have been for large groups of attendees, you might have realized that your system can be used just as effectively for smaller groups.

Management group walkthroughs, new-hire orientation, safety training, and maintenance inspections are other areas where efficient communications increase productivity. In small groups or with attendees in close proximity, a mini antenna may be more useful.

You might find adding some accessories to your tour guide system would be helpful. For example, the MT-480 protective pouch keeps your transceivers in top condition. The padded leather case provides total coverage, protecting them from damage due to drops, scrapes, falls, and even moisture.

System protection during transporting it from location to location is provided by using one of the rugged, durable transportation cases. Impact resistant and configurable, ensures your equipment’s protection during moving.

You may have headsets for use in moderate, high, or very high noise environment on the factory floor. However, these can be cumbersome in light noise settings. Crystal clear communication when light noise is present doesn’t need that added weight and hearing protection. Consider purchasing a few single-side earspeakers. They work well for translation and interpretation scenarios, both in the building or outside.

Maintaining your tour guide system is a must. So, extra batteries are an important addition. Have several tours planned during the day? Quick change battery packs keep everything on track.

Windscreens muffle unnecessary noise and enhance speech. However, they wear out and sometimes get lost. Keep a supply handy.

Finally, the health of your tour attendees must be addressed. Our portable sanitizing station uses a fungicidal, viricidal disinfectant spray pump to easily clean your tour guide system between uses. Disposable wipes make cleaning quick and easy.

The proper accessories for your tour guide system and headsets keep them functioning and useful for a long time. Make sure your tour attendees hear your message… loud and clear!

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