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Top Benefits of using Audio Tour Guide Equipment

Providing tours has become an essential aspect of a growing number of businesses. These tours are not always in the traditional sense, where a presentation is given on a historical location or where a facility is built specifically to accommodate outsiders. Now, it is often necessary to provide tours of manufacturing facilities for any number of reasons. 

Investors may want to see how a particular product is made (or how the plant is taken care of before putting money into the building). Visiting board of directors will want a tour of the plant, and, yes, even outsiders may want to take in the plant for their own curiosity. Amazon, for example, regularly provides tours of its fulfillment facilities around the country. 

If your company is considering this addition to services offered, it is good to invest in quality audio tour guide equipment. This tour guide equipment will make a dramatic difference in the quality of an offered tour, and enhance the overall tour, both for those experiencing the tour and those giving the tour.

Amplification Equipment

The main reason you’re looking for a tour guide system is likely to enhance how loud it is when you speak. Large plants allow your voice to carry, making it difficult for those around you to hear. Even when talking in a large, quiet facility, you will need to project your voice. If you give more than one tour a day, this can damage your throat due to the extensive strain.

Thankfully there are plenty of amplification tools available. One of the simplest options you can consider consists of a microphone attachment and a portable speaker that attaches to your person. This portable speaker can clip onto your belt loop, a pocket, a backpack, etc. These kinds of designs are suitable for when you’re in a semi-quiet location, and you want a speaker that is easier on your throat. It allows you to talk in a normal voice.

You may also want to go with a PA system. A PA system allows you to have a microphone, and then the audio is projected through speakers throughout the facility. This is helpful when you have a larger group that may not hear the small speaker attached to your body. While it may not work for everyone, this is a method that can prove helpful.

There is also an amplification system that will pair with wireless headsets those on tour will wear. This way, when you talk into your microphone, it will be directed right into the wearer’s headphones. These are optimal when you’re giving a tour of a noisy facility, and it simply is not possible to talk over the noise or to have a physical speaker project over it. The headphones will help save your voice and make it possible for those on tour to hear you better.

If you’re not exactly sure what kind of amplification equipment is best for you, please give our team here at Plant-Tours a call. We can go over what your plant consists of (and what it is used for). We can then discuss what kind of tours you will be putting on and then, from there, offer recommendations for what type of plant tour audio equipment will work best.


The headphones worn during a tour are usually slightly different from the headphones you might buy at the store. The headphones will pair with your microphone, allowing as many people as necessary to hear the tour information. Many headphones are also designed to be worn with hardhats. When there is heavy machinery around, there are safety precautions in place to keep visiting outsiders safe. Often, when giving a plant tour, those in attendance will need to wear a helmet. Regular headphones will not work with the hard hat. Due to this, you need to have headphones that curve around the head’s back while still providing support without hurting the ears. These kinds of headphones are available through Plant-Tours.

Another kind of headphone you need to consider is noise-canceling headphones. Now, if you’re giving a tour in a loud factory, you probably won’t be able to remove all of the background noise. In these instances, you can hope for is blocking out as much of the sound as possible, allowing you to transmit what you’re saying to those on tour easily. With sound-canceling headphones, you have this opportunity. These kinds of headphones are great for any type of situation. So, if you think there might be noise in the plant, the noise-canceling headphones will help out with this. Additionally, here at Plant-Tours, we offer noise-canceling headphones that are also compatible with your hard hats. These headphones are durable and will not fall off a wearer when walking up ladders and perform other basic movements that might be expected of visitors during the tour.

Enhance Your Tour Guide Experience

Here at Plant-Tours, it is our goal to connect you with the best gear and equipment to ensure you can give the best tour experience possible. This will make it more enjoyable on your part, and those in attendance will take in more of your information as well. Whether it is a portable speaker system that attaches to your body, a wireless network that allows those on tour to hear everything you’re saying, or you’re connecting through a PA system, everything you might need to elevate your tour guide services can be found here at Plant-Tours. 

If you have any questions regarding the equipment we have or if you’re not sure what kind of equipment will work best for your facility, all you need to do is give us a call. Our plant tour experts are here to address all your concerns and go over whatever audio tour guide equipment you might be interested in.

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