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The Best Whisper Microphone System

Giving a guided tour is part science part art. You very much need to take technology into consideration whenever crafting your tour. This includes selecting the right Whisper microphone system. The best microphone system will ensure you’re able to talk to your guests (while giving them the ability to hear you as well). It is also part art in that you craft the perfect tour based on who is there. You’ll mold the visual display of the tour, highlighting what is important to your guests while spending less time on what isn’t. You’ll drop in just the right knowledge at just the right times of the tour, leaving your guests excited about what is to come next. While the art aspect of the tour is up to you and may take some time to master, the science part can be handled by selecting the best Whisper microphone system for your tour needs.

Noise Canceling

What is the noise like where you’ll be giving the tours? Is it pretty easy to talk and hear a conversation without elevating your voice? Or are there machine sounds, manufacturing equipment running and large walls and ceilings that make it difficult to hear what someone is saying just a short distance away? Depending on the setup and what is going on inside of the facility you might need to consider a Whisper microphone system that features noise canceling technology.

The noise canceling technology will help block out unwanted decibels from reaching the ears. If you are giving a tour of anywhere that might have machinery running you’ll probably need to invest in this kind of technology. However, if you plan on offering a tour when the machinery is not operational (or when there isn’t any machinery or loud noises at all) you won’t need to opt for this kind of equipment.

Noise canceling technology is a bit bulkier than standard headphones. These devices also use some technology to buffer out the sound, which can drain the battery faster. So if you don’t need noise canceling it is best to purchase (or rent) a system that doesn’t have this feature as the battery won’t drain as quickly (and you may be able to offer multiple tours on a single charge).

Tour Interaction

The level of guest interaction with you while giving the tour will not always be the same. For some tours you might hold all questions to the end. You’ll show off the facility or what needs to be seen and then, at the end, you’ll allow guests to come up to you to ask questions. In these instances you don’t need a two-way system.

However, what if you want to openly interact with your guests? Maybe you want them to be able to ask questions for not only you to hear but the rest of the group. This can help keep guests engaged with the tour. However, if the facility floor is noisy you’ll need some kind of amplification system that allows the guests to speak into a microphone that is then fed into the headsets of everyone in the group.

There are two options when it comes to an amplified guest feature. The first is to give everyone a headphone configuration that also has a microphone built into the device. This way anyone can speak up and ask a question whenever they’d like. The one downside to this is then if someone forgets to turn off their microphone everyone will be able to hear what others are saying. If you’d like to avoid this kind of potential issue you might want to opt for a single stand-alone microphone feature. This allows you to carry around a single microphone and then, when someone has a question, pass them the microphone which they then talk into. The sound is wirelessly transmitted into the headphones of everyone there, which allows everyone to hear the question without it remaining active throughout the entire tour.

It ultimately is up to you for which is the best Whisper microphone system, but do know you have plenty of options.

Safety Features Needed

Beyond the kind of technology you’re considering, stop and think about what you’ll be doing during the tour. Will you just be walking on a flat surface, talking to guests, or will you be climbing ladders and steep stairs. And will you need to wear a hard hat at any point of the tour? If so, these will all impact the kind of microphone system you’ll want to consider.

For starters, if you’ll be walking up ladders, along railings and on walkways you’ll want a microphone system that can go hands-free. You’ll need your hands to hold onto railings and guide rails, in which case a handheld microphone is not the best way to go. Instead, you’ll want an option that is built right into the headphones of your device.

Likewise, if you will be wearing a hard hat at any time of the tour you’ll want a Whisper microphone system that is designed for this very purpose. There are configurations that have fitting features that wrap around the rear of your head. This helps secure the headphones to the head while also leaving space for the hard hat to rest on.

This is something you might not want to have if you don’t need to, as these kinds of headphones are bulkier and larger as it needs to be built around where the hard hat sits. But if you are planning on having some kind of hard hat it will give you and all the guests of your tour the ability to comfortably wear both the helmet and the headphones without anything getting in the way.

What Is Comfortable

After you have gone through all the previous sections, you’ll want to identify the microphone systems that checks off all your boxes. From there, you may want to try a kit before fully committing and ordering. This way, you can test out the hardware ahead of time and find the best Whisper microphone system that addresses all your needs while remaining comfortable at the same time.

Finding The Right Whisper Microphone System

The right Whisper microphone system all comes down to the kind of tour you’re giving and how to best reach your guests based on the location and interaction levels. You may even find that over time your needs will evolve as the tours grows or shift. Whatever your needs might be, make sure to check out the latest tech and gear from Plant-Tours. Here you’ll find the latest selection of equipment you not only can rent and buy, but also test out to discover what exactly is best for you and your tour-giving needs.

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