Using the appropriate tour guide system improves any scenario in which crisp, clear communication is important. But, when conducting staff tours, it’s essential. If the message isn’t heard clearly, it can cause misinformation to be spread or important steps in a process skipped. Your tour’s audio guide must be heard clearly in a multitude of environments.

Some of the locations and environments include:
  • Loud manufacturing floors in a factory
  • Outdoor locations where wind and other factors intrude
  • Large, open rooms or areas where attendees are widely dispersed
  • Training classes for employees, often to educate on a new process or safety issue
  • Planning tours to discuss additions or remodels for factory layout
  • Gemba walks or other tours where improvements are discussed

Even in quiet areas — such as offices or laboratories — clear communication is essential, without being disruptive. Tours conducted in these areas usually decrease employee productivity when proper audio guide equipment is not used.

Headsets and receivers should be selected based on the purpose for the tour as well. In some situations, only the guide or guides need headsets equipped with microphones. Two-way communication is essential for most successful staff tours.

Staff tours that need headsets designed for two-way communication are:

Other conditions must also be considered when choosing the correct headset. Along with the noise levels to be encountered, the need for protective headgear affects the choice, both for the tour audio guide and the attendees. PPE such as hard hats must fit comfortably on the user. Therefore, the headset design must allow for both a comfortable fit and quality communication.

Comfort and convenience are also factors when choosing the transmitter or receiver for the tour. As mentioned, two-way communication is imperative for successful staff tours. Instead of separate transmitters and receivers, consider using a transceiver that combines both functions in one unit. This both increases comfort while eliminating any bothersome fumbling with two components.

Use this article as a guide when making a decision about an audio tour guide system for your next staff tour. As always, should you have questions or need assistance, feel free to call on our professional communications experts here at

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