In any guided tour, the clear communication of your message is vital for a successful experience. Even with small groups in quiet locations, the tour’s conversations could disturb working employees. Room layouts – such as high ceilings and poor acoustics – can be issues as well. Plant-Tours.com tour guide systems eliminate all those problems.

With larger groups and noisier facilities, communication becomes even more of a challenge. Digital headsets provide the clarity essential for a successful tour. The noise levels can range anywhere from light or moderate sound, to high-decibel noise levels in major manufacturing scenarios. A variety of headphone options are available.

A Low Noise Single-Side Earspeaker may be all that is needed. However, as the noise level increases, fully padded around-the-ear style headphones are often necessary. For high noise areas, our PT-200 or PT-250 headphones are your best options. Because these areas often require head protection, the PT-200’s and PT-250’s revolutionary designs are fully compatible for use with hardhats.

How to Choose a Headset

If your tour’s environment is an area of very light noise, then a low noise, single-sided earspeaker will provide sufficient listening assistance. A small, lightweight design will provide the attendees with a comfortable experience. Because the headset is not bulky, the attendees can concentrate on the message. This earspeaker is often used for translation and interpretation scenarios.

When moderate noise presents hearing challenges, a two-sided option is ideal. This headphone rests comfortable on the ears with soft vinyl earpads. The behind-head design means that it can be used in locations where hard hats or bump caps are require for safety.

For environments where moderate- to high-noise levels are present, you may need a different option. Look for a solution with full coverage over the ears headset. An adjustable headband allows attendees to fit the headphone to their personal comfort levels.

Finally, many high noise environments such as stamping and grinding facilities need an extra measure of safety. The headphone should complement the required hard hat by not interfering with the fit. Look for a design in which the headphone is supported by an adjustable band, and the fit is controlled by a behind-the-head adjustment. Because this style of high noise tour guide headphone isn’t attached to the headgear, the hardhat can be removed when not needed, yet still maintain an optimal hearing level for the information to be clearly heard by your visitors.

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