How Audio Devices Allow for Safe, Reliable Communications

The rise in COVID-19 infections has required businesses to adopt various strategies to survive and function while following restrictions. Social distancing is a norm in today’s world, as the pandemic’s spread still seems to strengthen each day. While the planet bears the storms of 2020, it cannot just stand around and do nothing. Businesses must go on, and operations must try their best to regularize to keep the economy alive. In specific businesses, such as those who prioritize communication and other verbal-centric industries, these can benefit from tour guide communication systems. Tour guide solutions were typically the option to disseminate information for various situations, which is undoubtedly an excellent idea for social distancing. Thanks to modern technologies, social distancing is now possible to a great extent, and businesses that aren’t in the tourism industry can likewise benefit from tour guide communication systems.

Communication Is Everything In 2020

Areas like work sites or supply chain organizations can take advantage of the best wireless tour guide systems due to the ability to shout out information without requiring much contact. The more distance there is between people, the easier it is to reduce the chances of contraction. In any industry that requires physical reporting to a job site, tour guide communication systems can better comply with COVID-19 parameters. Additionally, companies can conduct other cross-training operations and have better site safety overall.

Utilizing Communications Technology for Improved Work

Companies that work in production and construction can communicate better with a set of wireless communication devices. Radios, speaker systems, and other headsets can offer distancing via two-way contact. This distancing means that conducting work is efficient and reaches the right channels without the need to shout for people and meet face-to-face.

Tour Guide Solutions Are 2020’s Best Option

Tour guide communication systems have been known to work for decades, and offering communication methods is a field that has been transboundary in nature. Various technologies have been working to make the distribution of this even more effective and efficient for information. Using radios has been a staple in many industries, and the military even swears by using two-way radios for battlefield effectiveness. Radio systems remove the need for face-to-face interaction and communication. While mobile phones are not the best option for various work environments, having a set of these hooked up to team leaders and other managers can provide peak performance. Additionally, usage by only specific group members to prevent the spread of the virus is a recommendation.

Sanitation Is Key

The best wireless tour guide system will require proper disinfection at the end of the day. Radio manufacturers like L3Harris, Motorola, Simoco, and others recommend a proper wipe-down due to the virus’s potency. Using disinfectant agents like isopropyl alcohol, diluted bleach, and other light disinfectants can safely wipe the radio’s outer shell. Many recommend disinfecting headsets or microphones twice because they have saliva on them from daily use. After disinfection, it is still advised that headsets and microphones must not be shared to prevent any accidental spreading of the virus.


Stopping the spread of the virus in the workplace is highly dependent on the ways people communicate with one another while on-site. Thanks to today’s tour guide communication systems, there are so many possibilities to stay safe and distanced even in high-requirement jobs and fields. Whether work is in production, construction, or other supply lines, audio devices can offer exceptional communication for the safest operations. Plant-Tours are providers of the best wireless tour guide systems for incredible boosts in communication. Whether you are looking for one-way or two-way radios, wireless speaker systems, and other communications technologies, there will always be something for each business. Contact us to find out more about the best products and services for modern business applications!