Tour Guide and Attendee Interaction Considerations

For some guided tours, the leader does all the talking. In this case, a boom mic or other microphone provides adequate communication. A transmitter and receiver allows the guide to both hear and talk. Attendees are equipped with receivers.

However, there are many applications in which various degrees of interaction are not only a convenience, but a prerequisite. Attendees may be given the opportunity to ask occasional questions via a handheld microphone, communicating through the guide’s transmitter.

Easily Initiated, Two-Way Communication is Now Possible

There are instances when more frequent dialogue between guide and tour attendees is necessary. For example, staff meetings on the plant floor, on-site safety training, or inspection and evaluation tours necessitate two-way communication.

The Tour leader and attendees use hands-free headsets with an integrated microphone, to activate microphones with a simple, push-to-talk button on the cord connecting their headset and transceiver. That’s one more scenario where’s innovative, proprietary and durable equipment excels.

Hard Choices Made Easier

There are many things to consider when choosing the right tour guide system for your tour. Environment, acoustics, and level of interaction required are just some of them. Obviously, you want to make the right choice in this long-term investment.

When you’re considering a purchase, contemplate this: Does the communications provider understand your needs? Can their team assist you in making the right purchase?

Choosing the right communication equipment is not an easy task. There are so many options, it can be daunting. Not only that, but your communication requirements may change. For example, one-way communication may be all you need at first. As your company grows, you may find a two-way headset becomes necessary as investors want to tour your facility and ask questions. So, where do you begin?

Look for a company that understands tour guide systems, like The company you buy or rent from is just as important as the equipment you use. Look for a company with a proven track record. One that can help you determine the best options for your unique tour requirements. If they don’t offer a free Demo Kit with all options so you can test it out for yourself, they’re not a communications specialist… just another seller that drop-ships everything and never even touches the product that your company will rely on for years to come to host your special visitors.

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