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Plant Tours vs. TourGuide Solutions


Introduction to Plant-Tours.com


Plant-Tours.com is the only communications company that focuses on providing crystal clear audio sound quality for your employees, customers and VIP tour groups in manufacturing facilities (also known as factory or plant tours). We are the only firm in the industry who manufactures proprietary tour guide equipment that is designed specifically for the factory floor. Our systems are durable, easy to use and available for expedited delivery at an affordable price.


Depending on your application and the environment where your tour or training will take place, we have a warranty covered communication system that will fit your specific needs. We set the industry standard with our high, medium and low background noise headsets and one-way & two-way communication systems. Our two-way communication systems have a push-to-talk feature that permits hands-free communication without interference or crosstalk that may result when using bluetooth or other wireless communication options. Our high-quality tour guide headset options will have you covered in all spaces and all noise levels.


It’s easy to get started with Plant-Tours.com – first contact our Training and Tour Consultants who will learn about your application and arrange for a free Demo Kit to be sent to your facility. A Demo Kit will then be shipped to you which includes every headset system we offer. This way you can test in your environment to ensure clear communication and choose the audio guide system that is right for you. Our Consultants will schedule a pre demo video call to explain the kit and how to set up the test. After the test our Consultants will schedule a post demo call to get feedback and work with you to select the best tour guide system possible based on your demo experience and their expertise. Once the selection is made your customized system will be shipped exactly when you need it for a successful training or tour event!

Introduction to Tourguide Solutions


Tourguide Solutions is a headset communications reseller based out of Green Bay, WI. They offer tour guide systems and a wireless tour guide system for different applications and industries. The main industries this group focuses on are the following:


Travel & Tourism

Walking tours

Segway tours

Cruise ships and boat tours


Brewery tours

Tourist/customer plant tours

Museum tours


Universities, Governments, Churches

Prospect tours

Military base tours


Commercial & Industrial

Factory tours

Trade show tours

Employee training

Management meetings

Open houses

Customer prospect tours

Simultaneous translation


Tourguide Solutions does not manufacture the majority of the products they sell. The list of products that they resell is as follows:


Sennheiser Tour Systems

Williams Sound Tour Systems

TGS-900 Tour Guide Systems

ListenTalk Tour Systems

Listen Technologies Tour Systems (listening technologies)

RealWear Assisted Reality

System Accessories


Tourguide solutions is a dealer for products which are widely available and are not specifically designed for manufacturing and industrial applications.


Key Differences between Plant-Tours.com and Tour Guide Solutions


Both companies sell and rent headset communications systems consisting of earphones or an earpiece, portable transmitter, receivers or transceivers, charger cases for a rechargeable battery, and an optional hand-held microphone. There are key differences between the companies. Plant-Tours.com has the most industry experience spanning over 25 years serving the top global companies with proprietary communication systems built specifically for manufacturers.


Our Training & Tour Consultants, located in Charlotte, NC, have decades of experience actually working inside manufacturing facilities alongside our customers making sure their training & tours are successfully executed, Tourguide Solutions does not. If you have any questions you can pick up the phone and speak to them immediately. There are no call centers or automated menus to navigate. We take pride in our hands-on customer service and are frequently recognized by our customers for going above and beyond. Check out our customer testimonials here.


In addition to our industry-leading products, Plant-Tours.com is the only solutions provider that will send representatives to your manufacturing plant on the day of your event at no charge for groups of 80 or more guests attending. Our professional, on-site team will set-up, re-check and distribute your tour communication headsets. They will train your staff and accompany your groups on the tour to make sure everything runs smoothly. Hand over your communication needs to Plant-Tours.com so you can focus on the core message of your event!



Plant-Tours.com and Tourguide Solutions are both providers of audio and assistive listening products. These products are essential since manufacturing technology is increasing, therefore clear communication on the factory floor between employees, customers and other stakeholders is required for learning. Increases in technology and social distancing requirements make choosing the right company’s products more important than ever. Plant-Tours.com focuses on the manufacturing industry with proprietary tour solutions built for rugged environments while Tourguide Solutions resells products from other manufacturers for other non-manufacturing applications. If you are a manufacturer, the best product hands-down, customer service and choice is Plant-Tours.com! Contact us today, click here


Plant-Tours.com vs. Tour Guide Solutions Product Comparison

Check out the comparison of product offerings from Plant-Tours.com and Tourguide Solutions

(comparison chart)

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