When conducting factory or facility tours, you want your message heard loud and clear. It may be a group of investors considering funding your company. Or, it could be upper management interested in seeing your progress. Maybe your sales force or customer user groups will be educated on the next year’s updated product lines.

Whatever the case, a tour guide system makes sense for ensuring clear communication. But, the question is whether to buy the communications equipment for your permanent use or check into a tour guide system rental program.

Frequency Impacts Purchase or Tour Guide System Rental

Purchasing a tour guide system is a worthwhile investment if you conduct frequent guided tours – 8 or more per year. Whether planned or pop-up tours, if they occur many times during the year, you want to be ready.

However, if you only conduct plant tours once or twice a year, a Plant Tours system Rental program might be the better option. Some benefits to renting tour communication equipment are:

  • No secure storage area is required
  • No need to delegate and train personnel in regular system set-up, programming, care, cleaning and maintenance
  • No capital expenditure required
  • The ease and convenience of all equipment arriving prior to tour date completely programmed, charged and ready for your guides’ and guests’ use

However, there’s a downside to renting a tour guide system.

How to Avoid Tour Guide System Woes

As with any technology, there is a chance that it won’t function as it should. If the audio tour guide system is too complicated and complex and your tour guides and staff aren’t familiar with the system, human error and technical difficulties could ruin your chances of conducting a successful tour.

Your message will be garbled. If attendees grow impatient from equipment delays and malfunctions, the likelihood of an effective tour of your facility diminishes.

With most rental companies, this is a very real possibility. That’s the reason implemented our turn-key ship Rental Program for small groups and our Full-Service Rental Program for larger tours. Not only do we ensure the working order of all the communications equipment before shipping, we’ll go the extra mile as well.

In our Full Service Tour Guide System Rental program, we send one or more of our uniformed, professional Service Representatives to your facility to deliver all your custom prepared equipment and train your tour guides and presenters. Before the tour begins, they’ll recheck the equipment, and distribute it to tour attendees, answering any questions about operation they might have.

Plus, once you’ve conducted a successful tour, you might discover many other situations where a communications system benefits your operation on frequent occasions throughout the year. In that case, purchasing a tour guide system is a better investment.

Tour Guide System Purchase Benefits

If your company owns a system for your permanent use, for starters, you’ll never get caught empty-handed by a surprise tour. You communication equipment is always ready, in your facility, at a moment’s notice. Your investment is maximized with a purchased system. With an in-house system, more tours are possible without ongoing rental expenses.

Are there any downsides to purchasing a tour guide system? Well, there is one. If you don’t buy the right equipment, it can be a financial disaster.

Unlike many communications retailers, we won’t allow that to happen. We send a demo kit of all of our easey-to-use, patented options so you can try before you buy. And of course, we’ll provide our 25 years of expert consultation to you as well.

Once you’ve purchased your system, we’re available to support you in setting up and fine tuning your tour formats and your new system. We’ll provide your guides and staff with advice on having a successful tour and on maintaining your system.

So, should you purchase equipment or consider a tour guide system rental? It’s a crucial decision… and one we’re happy to help you make. Contact us today!

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