Many industries hold guided tours but using a tour guide headset system for those events is only part of the potential for wireless communication. Let’s look at some of the industries that have a need for crystal clear communication, both for tours and other events.

One of the most obvious industries where a tour guide headset system is beneficial is automobile manufacturing. Let’s face it… a vehicle manufacturing factory is not going to be quiet while in full production.

Even so, when a tour is scheduled, the attendees need to hear every word spoken. The tour guide may start by outlining safety procedures the attendees must follow. During the tour, an explanation of what’s going on helps the members of the tour understand the processes involved.

Often, potential investors are exploring their options. Making a good impression, including answering their questions, with a well-designed tour guide headset system could be the best investment that you make.

Food and beverage processing facilities are other places where clear, effective communication is necessary, if not crucial. With sound well above safe decibel levels for unprotected hearing, the right headset system not only allows your guide to be heard, but it protects your attendees’ hearing as well.

Tours in these facilities may be for instructional purposes, but can often be “fun” tours, too. Many connoisseurs love to tour breweries, candy factories, and other manufacturing plants. Seeing where your food comes from and how it’s made can often be entertaining, as well as educational.

Tour Guide Headset Systems Aren’t Just For Tours

Granted, a lot of people researching tour guide headset systems need to buy or rent them for factory and facility tours. However, that’s not the only time that crystal clear communication is useful.

Other venues can benefit from a great headset based system, too. Don’t forget… there are other industries that are totally unrelated to any kind of manufacturing that often need some type of digital, wireless communication to get the message across. This creates a need for loud environment communication solutions.

Take churches and houses of worship, for example.

Many churches (both modern and traditional), synagogues, and temples often have outdated, poorly designed sound systems. The acoustics aren’t always optimal for every congregation member. In many services, there may be a large number of non-English speaking members or visitors. If they can’t understand what’s happening, they feel left out and alienated.

A one-way tour guide headset system can fill in their communication gaps. Even better, a one-way system with a hand held microphone would allow some audience participation when necessary. In either case, members with impaired hearing can still enjoy the message presented. And if there are non-English speakers in the house of worship, an interpreter can relay the sermon and other communications clearly, without disturbing other worshipers.

In college auditoriums, these digital, wireless systems are used during lectures and other events. Making sure that students and faculty hear the speaker is essential for a top educational program.

Of course, it just makes sense to use that same tour guide headset system technology in other settings as well. Conferences in large auditoriums and concert halls, outdoor meetings, and any other location where some attendees might have trouble hearing would benefit from a wireless communication system.

As many of these events are ad hoc or occasional, it might make sense to rent the headsets as needed. In fact, many times even organizers will ask if hearing assistance is required on the application or registration form.

Of course, we don’t want to forget event or facility security teams. Crystal clear communication between those that manage and protect these events and facilities is essential. A two way headset system can serve as a crucial tool in these situations.

What About Your Industry?

Is there a need to get your message out, loud and clear?

If your industry, facility, business or event:

  • Is noisy, making the message hard to hear
  • Has high ceilings where the speaker’s voice is lost among a group
  • Has people in need of special hearing assistance
  • Has attendees that require translation or interpretation to understand
  • Needs a private form of communication for some employees

A tour guide headset system may be the solution you’re looking for.

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