Top Industries that can Benefit from Tour Guide Technology

Factory tours can both educate potential clients and help increase brand awareness and exposure. While there are some industries that are more naturally interesting to the general public, it is always a good idea to consider offering a factory tour, no matter what kind of business you are in. For some locations you may be able to easily walk and talk without the aid of any kind of tour guide technology. At other times the location may be far too large, which means your voice will carry and make it difficult for everyone to hear you, or it may simply be too loud. In these instances it is best to invest in tour guide technology and have it on hand for any future tours. Here are a handful of top industries that can benefit from tour guide technology.

Auto Industry

People have always had a fascination with cars. They love to see how cars are produced, and the world-famous assembly line. Of course, there are more automotive plants now than ever before in the United States, so individuals do not need to travel to Detroit to see vehicles being produced. From Lincoln, Alabama to Toledo, Ohio there are plants scattered throughout the country. These plants can become noisy depending on what parts are being fabricated and what kind of machinery is in use. However, the auto industry remains a favorite for plant tours. Due to this, whether you run an actual assembly plant or your facility produces parts for specific vehicles, having equipment to offer a guided tour is a must.

Military Bases

Whether visiting an actual military base or a location where military weapons are manufactured, these locations can be both large and loud. This makes giving tours incredibly difficult. Attempting to talk in a large airplane hanger and make sure everyone can hear isn’t the easiest thing to do, and that’s when all is quiet. Once there is equipment being worked on and hundreds (if not thousands) of troops going about their duties, it becomes downright impossible to hear anything. However, with the right tour system in place it becomes that much easier to hear any kind of tour or presentation. Plus, if helmets are required based on the location and what is being done within the military base or military manufacturing facility the tour equipment can be fitted accordingly. This way, everyone will remain safe and will be able to hear the tour guide, regardless of the location or what is going on around them.

College Tours

College tours take place every single day on every single campus around the country. Some of these tours are more personal and will be done with only a handful of other prospective students. However, there are other tours that will require some speaker and microphone configurations. For example, part of the tour might take place on a bus as it tours through campus. Instead of trying to yell over the traffic noise it is far easier to have a tour system in place. Additionally, when the tours walk through large open areas of the campus it will be necessary to have some kind of portable audio system that makes it possible to point out areas of the campus for everyone to hear. These groups can be larger as both students and parents will be attending. With the portable speaker system it becomes possible to communicate with your guests without directly looking at them. This helps keep the tour moving smoothly and ensures everyone is able to hear what is going on.


There are all kinds of manufacturing plants out there. From producing candy all the way to making toys or items out of wood, manufacturing is one of the largest industries in the United States. There is also often great interest in taking tours of these kinds of facilities. For some, it might be to see how a childhood favorite toy is made. At other times it might be corporate heads looking into a plant they are considering for a contract. Whatever is being produced it is necessary to have tour guide technology on hand that allows the tour guide to communicate with everyone on the tour while making sure the tour guests can hear what is going on. The right audio setup from Plant-Tours can help with this.

Invest In Your Tour Guide Technology Today

In order to give the best tours possible it is necessary to have the right tour guide technology. This means microphones that can be easily handled and headsets that can be worn around hard hats. Whatever your needs may be Plant-Tours has you covered. From noise canceling headphones designed to block outside noise to an assortment of microphones and audio production equipment, Plant-Tours is your one stop shop for all your tour guide needs. And if you’re not fully sure what kind of equipment would work best, all you need to do is give the team a call. The customer service specialists will gladly work with you and help pinpoint exactly the kind of equipment that will work best for your place of business.