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  • Get Your Message Across Clearly: How Communications Systems Overcome Workplace Social Distancing Challenges

    We’ve had many businesses contact us to reevaluate their communications in the light to today’s “new normal.” They want to make sure they’re using the best system possible to help protect their operations, their people, and their investment. There’s no…

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  • What is the purpose of a plant visit?

    As a manufacturer, your primary job is to produce a quality product while keeping everyone within the facility safe. Due to this, you may not instantly love the idea of outsiders coming into the plant and taking walking tours of…

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  • How to Be a Good Tour Guide

    Not everyone is a born tour guide. In fact, plenty of people are terrified of talking in front of groups of people (especially strangers). This is a fear that can be put to rest through practice. The second tour you…

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    Most manufacturing business owners and managers understand the intrinsic value of conducting plant tours. Offering plant, office, and laboratory tours gives the company a reputation of transparency and openness. That’s a characteristic that has become extremely important…

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  • Ways to Improve your Plant Tour

    Offering plant tours are an excellent way to help clients understand your production practice while also expanding brand awareness. However, you don’t want to put on a poor tour. A poor tour at best will only waste a visitor’s time…

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