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pt-165 headset


Plant-Tour.com Low Noise Single-Side Earspeaker

Features high quality sound with ultra-light comfort. The Earspeaker is used primarily for areas of very light noise, but still requiring listening assistance. Also appropriate for translation and interpretation scenarios in meetings/seminars and outdoor tours.
Weight: 0.9 oz

Amazon.com operates a fulfillment center in Chattanooga, TN and came to Plant-Tours.com for help with their training needs in the facility. PlantTours serves more Amazon operations across the US than any other vendor with their on-boarding and training requirements. Amazon uses Plant-Tours.com systems to instruct their associates on their picking and packing processes, job tasks, and best practices.

After speaking with the Plant-Tours.com Tour and Training Consultant, the Learning Coordinator in charge of the training communications system project requested the Free Demo Kit so they could carefully evaluate and test all the product options in the training areas of the fulfillment center. After Amazon received the demo package, they allowed several staff members to test the system and all the configurations available within the demo package. The Amazon Learning Coordinator then contacted Plant-Tours.com to review their findings and help select the solution that would best suit their needs. As a result of the meeting, Amazon decided to purchase the Premier 1-Way system designed for information delivery, ideal for training purposes. They specified the PT-165 Single Side Ear Speaker, which rests on, not in, the trainees’ ear, allowing them to clearly hear the instructor while freely conversing throughout the training session. It is an ultra-light option which leaves the other ear completely uncovered, promotes maximum comfort and is made of a hard composite plastic for quick and easy sanitation after each use. Since it does not enter the ear in any way, the safety of the product is assured.

Amazon also decided to purchase the Combo Microphone option for the trainers’ transmitters which included a lightweight Hand-Held mic to easily facilitate Q& A between the participants and the trainers and presenters. With this product, there is no need to repeat a question and the trainer is always in control of the session. All the trainees and trainers easily hear every question and answer for accurate and concise information, ensuring that the pertinent information is communicated and the education process is uninterrupted.

After the successful launch of the initial order of 75 units, the Chattanooga FC ordered another 25 piece system and has continued to handle all their training and on-boarding needs with comfort and ease for all participants.

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