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New! The patented PT-5500 Wireless Tour Guide Microphone. Rich, clear transmission in a lightweight, easy to use package. Available only at Plant-Tours.com

Our New, Ultralight Wireless Microphone. Simple. Easy. Patented.

Our tour guide microphone system Wireless Mic Kit Includes:

  • 17 Channel Wireless Transmitter/Microphone
  • EZ Store/Charge Case Adapter
  • 2 Nic MetHydride Rechargeable Batteries
  • 2 Flex Antennas
  • Padded Leather Protective Pouch

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Facility tours are guide driven. In most cases, one person is presenting all the information. However, there may be times when another team member will be participating.

Or the tour might be interactive, with visitors asking questions and either your guide or another associate supplying the answers and additional information.

Plant-Tours.com’s newly developed and patented PT-5500 Wireless Microphone offer the easiest and most convenient solution for these tour formats.

Housed in a compact, but tough, impact-resistant case, this is the best wireless solution for those instances when handing off the presentation is necessary. A single Li-Ion battery powers the mic. And don’t let the weight fool you. This ultra-lightweight microphone delivers rich, clear tones with a range of up to 100 feet.

For use when multiple tour groups are present, the PT-5500 is programmable to any of 17 numeric channels. This ensures that only the intended group will hear the presenter’s message. A convenient MUTE button shuts off the mic instantly, preventing background noise or private conversations from being transmitted.

The PT-5500 Wireless Microphone includes two batteries so that a backup is always available, as well as a protective leather pouch.. The Charging Compartment Adapter fits directly into any of our EZ Store/Charge Cases, right along with your Transmitters and Receivers. Everything’s kept together for simple, easy storage and charging.

The PT-5500 Wireless Microphone is available exclusively from Plant-Tours.com.

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