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Staff Communications Headset Options

Selecting the best equipment for your tour guide headset system is important. Not every environment has the same needs for providing crystal clear, unimpeded voice communication.

In industrial headset settings, the noise levels can range from low to high, even very high decibel levels. While comfort is one consideration, protecting the hearing of your tour guide or leader and your attendees is vital.

For low-noise areas, such as office areas, warehouses or labs, hearing protection is not as much an issue. But you still want your attendees to hear the message clearly no matter where the guide is positioned.

Choosing the correct secret service headset for your facility may seem daunting. Add to that the fact that most tour headphones system vendors don’t have many options to begin with, and your choice becomes clear.

Plant-Tours offers only the best and most complete variety of tour guide headset options and they are all patented. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and help you select the right audio headsets for tours or industrial headsets for your staff communications.

MT-350 Low-Moderate Noise Headset

The Plant-Tours MT-350 is a behind-the-head supported headset specifically designed for low to moderate areas. A full coverage, on-the-ear design is shaped to fit the natural contours of the ear while providing excellent hearing protection. The swiveled floating ear pads provide a comfortable light seal for all users, whether the tour last 30 minutes or all day long.

This easy to clean model provides the ultimate in comfort and moderate noise reduction. It’s also designed to fit easily underneath hard hats and bump caps.

If your tour guide needs full arm and hand freedom of movement, you might want the Finger Push-to-Talk option for the boom mic’s operation. Instead of keeping the talk button pressed constantly, this option tour guide headset system clicks on and off easily allowing the freedom of movement required.

MT-370 Moderate-Hi Noise Headset

The Plant-Tours MT-370 features trim and sleek styling while still providing protection in moderate to high noise settings. Full around-the-ear coverage is provided by ultra-soft vinyl earpads, and an adjustable padded headband ensures a comfortable fit.

The MT-370 is fully wipe-able for easy cleaning and the secret service earbuds are replaceable for extended unit life.

Just like the MT-350, the Plant-Tours MT-370’s boom style mic is compatible with the lockable Push-to-Talk option.

MT-200 High-Noise Headset

In high noise areas, such as factory floors and construction sites, your tour guide headset system must provide hearing protection and also allow for head protection.

The Plant-Tours MT-200 is the best option for you. The MT-200 is one of a kind, unlike other headsets for high-noise use. It’s comfortable and lightweight, with a sleek, trim styling designed for both an appealing look and rugged durability.

The full ear coverage ensures your tour guide/leader’s ears are fully protected, as well as your attendees’ hearing. The over-the-head webbing and behind the neck compression band makes the MT-200 fully compatible with hard hats and bump caps. The MT-200 is also compatible with our Finger Push-to-Talk option to allow freedom of movement.

MT-250 Max-Noise Headset

When the tour environment demands maximum hearing protection and crystal clear communications, the Plant-Tours MT-250 is the king of tour guide headset systems.

Similar to our MT-200, this headset provides excellent communication and is also compatible with hard hats and bump caps. The big difference is the noise reduction rating of 24 NRR. This ensures maximum hearing protection, while still looking great and feeling comfortable.

The MT-250 is equipped with a boom style mic that’s compatible with the exclusive Finger Push-to-talk option.

MT-425 Inline Mic Earspeaker

When ambient noise is not an issue, but discrete communication is, your best option is the Plant-Tours MT-425 Earspeaker with inline microphone. The flexible ear clip ensures a good, yet comfortable fit in low-noise environments, all day long.

The Push-to-Talk button is simple to use and always within reach. The coiled cord, along with the lapel and collar clip makes sure the wiring is out of the way at all times. Additionally, this provides flexibility and durability, and eliminates damaging cord strain.

This lightweight tour earphones unit weighs only 1.7 ounces!

SC-500 Earspeaker with Adjustable Compact Boom Microphone

In light to moderate noise environments, you might want to choose the Plant-Tours SC-500 Earspeaker/boom mic tour guide headset system. The SC-500 offers a flexible ear clip for comfort and a flexible boom microphone for clear communication between staff or team members.

The coil cord and lapel/collar clip ensures both durability and comfort while eliminating cord strain. The SC-500 only weighs 1.3 ounces to guarantee all day comfort!

SC-305 Secret Service Mic

When clear, yet private communication is the order of the day, the Plant-Tours SC-305 is the ultimate answer. Ultralight behind-the-ear coiled ear buds ensure that this tour guide headset system is virtually invisible, while still providing the ultimate in crystal clear communication.

The microphone includes a lapel/collar clip and Push-to-Talk access, making this headset system the best choice for your security team and other groups where discretion and clear communication is essential.

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The units we purchased are working great. We have just completed a system implementation at our Plant. We used them extensively during that two week period. While I was onsite I noticed that the Plant had also purchased several Plant-Tours.com radios/headsets and they were using them regularly. Thanks for working with us to deliver solutions that work across multiple locations in our company.

Prairie Farms

Very helpful in assisting us with our headset rental needs. From start to finish Plant-Tours made this a great experience.

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The headsets and Tour Guide sets worked great. The Tours were a big hit.

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The Plant-Tours team could not have been more helpful, from explaining product availability to demonstrating its use in our plant.

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A huge thank you again for all your help in getting our first order together in a rush for a big event this past week. Working with Plant Tours was phenomenal! Your passionate and knowledgeable service, immediate and thorough responses, and attention to detail made for a superb first-time ordering experience. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support. READ MORE

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On behalf of Siemens Corporate Communications, I would like express my sincere appreciation for the efforts of Darryl, Luke and the entire Plant-Tours staff. Darryl helped us coordinate all the logistical aspects our Partner Summit Interactive Event from the sales process to the successful execution of serving our 250+ participants.

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Very prompt delivery, fantastic job of being pro-active especially with the potential for weather issues. Never a disappointment dealing with Plant Tours.

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Plant-Tours is a great company to deal with. Professional folks with Professional equipment.

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We regularly rely on Plant-Tours.com and each experience is trouble free. The service is consistently great.

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Great job to you and team. The execution was flawless. Everyone loved the convenience of having the headsets.


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