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Church Audio Systems That Enhance Worship

Whether you lead a small congregation or preach to one of the country’s mega-churches or cathedrals, your message must be heard and understood.

A quality church audio system ensures that everyone in the auditorium hears vital communication loud and clear. Whether it be the Sunday morning sermon or Catholic Mass, a mid-week service, or special presentation, every attendee has the right and the need to hear and understand the spoken word.

Many churches struggle with outdated, cumbersome equipment that’s often near the end of its useful life. When signals degrade and the audio is muffled or distorted, the worship experience suffers.

If a headset tour guide system fails, adjusting them or replacing with another during the service is disruptive, and the overall reverent atmosphere you strived to provide is hindered or destroyed.


Plant-Tours.com services many houses of worship across North America with the translation systems specifically designed for this purpose. Many churches, temples and denominations serve multi-lingual congregations and are challenged with ensuring that the service or mass is clearly understood by all attendees.

The Church of Pentecost in Charlotte, NC reached out to Plant-Tours.com to find a solution to this problem. After a trial of the products offered, the church decided to purchase a One-Way system with the lightweight, behind-the-head style headphone for the listeners. The high fidelity audio of the system delivered the voice of the pastor in crisp, clear, and rich tones, allowing maximum comfort to the participants. Additional PT-5100 transmitters allow for easy translation to multiple language members of the church, engaging them in the activity of each service.

The Church of Pentecost now can count on the Plant-Tours.com system to accurately and comfortably accommodate the speakers and listeners with a hassle-free experience. Every attendee is involved and hears every word of the service providing an enriching experience for the church family.

A Digital Signal Brings Absolute Clarity To The Experience

Many older church audio systems still use analog signals for broadcasting. While this was state-of-the-art technology at one time, it’s been replaced by modern digital signal production.

That said, many houses of worship have upgraded their church audio systems to digital technology. Their public address systems provide audio that is crisp, clear, and communicates their message so attendees understand without problem.

However, some didn’t plan for headset use. Or if they did, they received headsets and receivers of low or poor quality. For those service attendees that want or require hearing assistance, the experience is less than optimal.

With a few simple accessories, your Plant-Tours headset-based church audio system can be integrated with many PA systems. For example, a wired Plant-Tours microphone can sometimes use a splitter to access a digital transceiver for the headphones, while also be connected to the PA sound equipment.

Feel free to contact our expert sales reps for assistance. Because our digital communications systems have multi-channel capability, you have options you may not have had before in the tour guide PA system.

For example, one set of headsets are tuned directly to the leader. Those attendees hear the message in the language of the minister or speaker. However, if you have attendees who have another native tongue, an interpreter on a different channel can present the speaker’s message in that language. Our headset design and technology eliminates any crosstalk from causing disruption.

Additional Uses For A Headset-Based Church Audio System

While the main worship service is the hub of activity for most churches and other houses of worship, many also host a variety of other services and meetings. Many of these will also benefit from a quality, wireless church audio system. Some of these are:

  • Singalong services
  • Plays and music festivals
  • Concerts
  • Open activities for the community
  • Church, cathedral, and synagogue tours

In fact, the events you might host is limited only by your imagination.

For example, during the Christmas season, some churches showcase an outdoor living Nativity scene. Often, church members portray the characters. If the event lasts for several hours, the actors may be changed occasionally to allow for breaks.

A wireless church audio guide system allows event staff to communicate back and forth about the needs of the volunteers. Walkie-talkies are sometimes used. But this can make the communication cumbersome, unwieldy.

A system that uses headsets with built-in microphones and quality transceivers ensures clear staff communications, enhancing the experience with a flawless execution of tasks.

With several channels available, you have options like never before. One channel can be used for the actual event staff, while another is reserved for parking attendants and traffic control. If necessary, they can communicate between the groups easily, then switch back to individual group channels.

Concerts, whether outdoor or indoor, almost demand some form of wireless communication for success. Traffic control and crowd assistance team members, and the sound stage crew will better serve your attendees if crystal clear digital communication is possible.

Clear Communication Off The Property as Well

Because the Plant-Tours.com’s tour guide solutions don’t rely on a base station for communication, they can be used away from the church property as well.

For instance, if your youth group goes on an outing or field trip, the group leaders can keep in constant communication, ensuring the safety of your children.

Church Audio Systems For Purchase or Rent

Obviously, if your communication needs are ongoing or regular, purchasing a system would be beneficial. You can order a free demo kit to try our various options and choose the right one for your house of worship.

Our expert representatives are available to answer any questions you have.

Renting equipment is also an option. If you don’t know if you’ll need the system frequently, or just want to make sure this type of tour audio system is right for you, call us about renting the equipment.

Of course, if you’ve already purchased a Plant-Tours system, but find a need for additional equipment for a special event, compatible units can be rented to supplement your existing system.


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  • Positive Showcase for Facility, Product and Team
  • Reliable, High-Quality Digital Equipment
  • Professional Presentation
  • Clear and Effective Communication
  • Executive Experience
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The units we purchased are working great. We have just completed a system implementation at our Plant. We used them extensively during that two week period. While I was onsite I noticed that the Plant had also purchased several Plant-Tours.com radios/headsets and they were using them regularly. Thanks for working with us to deliver solutions that work across multiple locations in our company.

Prairie Farms

Very helpful in assisting us with our headset rental needs. From start to finish Plant-Tours made this a great experience.

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The headsets and Tour Guide sets worked great. The Tours were a big hit.

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The Plant-Tours team could not have been more helpful, from explaining product availability to demonstrating its use in our plant.

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A huge thank you again for all your help in getting our first order together in a rush for a big event this past week. Working with Plant Tours was phenomenal! Your passionate and knowledgeable service, immediate and thorough responses, and attention to detail made for a superb first-time ordering experience. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support. READ MORE

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On behalf of Siemens Corporate Communications, I would like express my sincere appreciation for the efforts of Darryl, Luke and the entire Plant-Tours staff. Darryl helped us coordinate all the logistical aspects our Partner Summit Interactive Event from the sales process to the successful execution of serving our 250+ participants.

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Very prompt delivery, fantastic job of being pro-active especially with the potential for weather issues. Never a disappointment dealing with Plant Tours.

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Plant-Tours is a great company to deal with. Professional folks with Professional equipment.

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We regularly rely on Plant-Tours.com and each experience is trouble free. The service is consistently great.

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Great job to you and team. The execution was flawless. Everyone loved the convenience of having the headsets.


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