PT-3000 has 30-unit capacity. Lightweight, lockable, portable and sturdy suitcase style with handle.

Stop-Charge lid prevents accidental overcharge damage when closed. Also, the PT-3000 features wheels and a convenient telescoping handle for the ultimate in easy portability and transfer within your facility or at off-site tour locations.


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Keep Your Tour Equipment Always Organized and Ready with Our Simple, Patented EZ Store/Charge Cases

Keep Your Tour Equipment Always Organized and Ready with Our Simple, Patented EZ Store/Charge Cases

We understand. Planning and running a factory tour is not your top priority. Ensuring a smooth, profitable operation is Job Number 1. But, because you’re successful, it’s inevitable that upper management, investors and other interested parties will visit your plant.

That means your tour equipment must be ready to use at all times. Our new series of easy to use EZ Store/Charge Cases handle that for you. Our patented design makes it easy and simple to keep your Transmitters, Receivers and Microphones ready for any event.

Our Cases – available in 12-, 20- and 30-unit configurations – keep all your devices together and ready for use. Just drop in any mix of transmitters, receivers and microphones in the charging compartments and the Case charges them automatically. When each unit is charged, that compartment stops charging, keeping them from overcharge damage.

Close the lid and the charging process stops, ensuring that the EZ Store/Charge Case, radios and batteries are never damaged. That means you don’t get any “unexpected surprises” the next time you set up for a tour.

These portable EZ Store/Charge Cases are durable, with textured sides and reinforced corners to prevent accidental dents and scratches. The Cases resist aging, and normal wear and tear, protecting your investment for years to come.

Each lightweight Case comes complete with a security lock and suitcase style handle for easy portability.

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