Rental Programs FAQ


Q: We are having a large group visit our plant and we need something to help our guides deliver the message to our guests. What can you offer?
A: For large groups (80 people or more) we recommend our Full Service Rental Program. This includes on site, turn-key staffing and support by our uniformed Service Representatives, who will handle all the work involved with the PlantTours tour guide system for your event. Our Representatives are carefully trained to provide friendly and professional hospitality to your VIPs. Their responsibility includes equipment set-up in your facility, distribution of receivers and headphones to your visitors and transmitters and microphones to your guides. The Service Reps will provide instruction to all guides and guests, will monitor groups throughout the tour and will handle the collection of all equipment at the conclusion of the event. We handle everything so that you can focus on the program content and provide a hospitable experience for your visitors.

Q: Why do you supply Service Representatives? We have in-house IT and A/V staff.
A: The work involved in providing a successful large plant tour is immense. In our 20 years of experience in serving over 6000 corporate groups, we have learned that it is crucial that your event be properly orchestrated in order to assure success. We deliver expertise in logistics, service and hospitality. When your staff has spent weeks, sometimes months of preparation in program content and planning for travel, hotel, food and beverage and many other meeting arrangements, their focus on tour day is your message, not unfamiliar electronics and equipment logistics. Most facilities and their staff are simply not equipped to handle all that is required to smoothly move groups through your plant on schedule. We have developed a system that ensures that it does-and our experienced staff smoothly delivers this system to your visitors, guides and staff.

Q: What is your process?
A: We arrive on-site 1-2 hours prior to tour start time, set up all equipment, separated by group for easy distribution. We assure that the display is attractive and professional for your guests’ arrival. When they are ready for the tour, we personally hand them their receiver and headphone with a short one-on-one instructional briefing and gather each group with their guide for quick sound-check and departure. Our Service Representatives accompany the groups on the tours to assist with any service needs that may arise with guides or guests. Once the tour is finished, we collect all the equipment and pack up to remove from your facility. When you have a small window of time to deliver your message and a positive impression to your guests, there’s no room for mistakes. Our staff is on-site to handle anything that arises, to make sure that the tour goes just as planned, delivering your message and the optimal result for your visitor tours.

Q: Do you have a rental package for a small group of 10-20?
A: For smaller groups (5-80 people) we prepare the equipment in our facility and ship the system to your site. The system will arrive no later than one day prior to the event, and will be individually poly-packaged for distribution to your guests. All the equipment is programmed according to your specific tour program requirements and is ready for immediate tours. All of the transmitters and receivers are compact, all digital and are the most user-friendly available for ease-of-use. We will have reliable, friendly and expert telephone support if you have questions via our toll- free number. We also pre-schedule UPS pick-up at your facility the day following the tour. Return shipping labels will be included in your order.

Q: Our plant is not as noisy as some, but we still need a solution because the people in the back can’t hear. How do I know which headphone is best for our tours? How do we know that the equipment will work in our plant?
A: We provide assistance in headphone selection and will interview you to determine several deciding factors such as: noise levels in areas to be toured, comfort level desired based on your group/visitor profile, length of tour, hard-hat requirement, ear protection requirement, etc. We can also send a free Demo Kit to your plant for you to test the various options available with your staff. This ensures that we will make the ideal choice for your special event.

Q: How far in advance do we need to book the Rental Program?
A: Typically, large tours are planned well in advance of the event date. Please contact us as soon as you know your dates and have your attendance general estimate. We will plan the logistics of the event with you and your staff in detail to ensure that nothing is overlooked. For smaller groups (5-80) we can usually prepare and ship immediately, based on availability. We request as much advance notice as possible-please call us to determine deadlines based on your specific event schedule.

Q: How much does the Rental Program cost?
A: Please contact us for a quote, since the rate varies based on quantities, number of days of event and number of events. Multi-day and multi-event discounts are available.

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