The Best Tour Guide Voice Amplifier

As a tour guide you know how important it is for everyone in your group to hear you. If you’re making your way through a small space, a quiet exhibition, or you have just a few people this likely isn’t a problem. However, as the group expands or if you are touring an outdoor area, your voice will carry, making it a challenge for everyone in your group to hear you. Yelling isn’t a great look, plus your voice will be shot after one or two tours. That’s why you need to invest in a voice amplifier. With a tour guide amplifier, you don’t need the high-end equipment common with musicians. You just need something that will project the human voice without distorting it. To do that, here are a few tour guide voice amplifier options to consider.

One-Way Tour Guided System

In most situations, a tour is a one-way experience. From time to time those taking part in the tour may ask the occasional question, but for the most part, the guide is the only one talking. In these situations, you’ll want to invest in a one-way tour guided system. Plant-Tours offers a number of options to help you customize the best one-way tour guided system possible.
When starting off with your amplifier setup, you need to select a receiver. The receiver is what takes in the audio and then sends the information to either a connected speaker, or a wireless speaker system. You may want a small, belt-clip system that allows you to plug a headset into it and then output to a speaker. Other receivers are wireless and connect to a wireless pair of headphones and microphone.

Selecting the Headphones

The next piece of equipment you need to consider is the headphone. The headphones allow you to better hear questions (especially if asked through a microphone). It also allows supervisors to relay down information to you without calling attention to it. Now, there are a number of headphone options. There are low-profile headphones, more reminiscent of a call center than a traditional headphone. These are nice when you don’t have loud noises around you. However, if you’re giving a tour of an active factory you’ll want to invest in noise canceling headphones. Plant-Tours has you covered with all of these options.

Microphone And Speaker

The next important decision you need to make is the microphone. Do you want the microphone to be attached to the headset, or do you want a microphone you hold. You can even invest in both, so a secondary microphone can be passed between guests who have questions.

With the one-way tour guide system from Plant-Tours, the receiver will send the audio information to the nearby speakers. The speaker can be a portable device that clips to your belt, or you can have the audio feed through the facility’s PA system. It really depends what current configuration you have in the facility and what you’re looking to add onto it.

Two-Way Tour Guide Systems

The main difference between a one-way and a two-way guided system is you can easily switch between different tour guides without pulling off equipment and passing off to the second individual. Many times when giving a tour, the heads of individual departments will walk visitors through the particular area of the location. Then, once this portion of the plant is complete the head of the next department will take over.

With the two-way tour guide system the second tour guide will already have the microphone and headset ready to go. All that needs to be done is the receiver needs to be set to the second microphone. This is done by changing the channel on the receiver (such as from channel 1 for the first tour guide to channel 2 for the second).

Much of the equipment features and options with the two-way tour guide system is identical to that of the one-way tour guide system. The main difference is the more robust transceivers and receivers, which are designed to accept more than one audio channel.

If you have more than two tour guides, you will need to purchase a receiver that has more than two channels. Outside of this, the selection process of equipment is the same.

Wireless Tour Guide Systems

When giving a tour you likely do not want to be bogged down with a bunch of wires. This is especially true if you’re going to be doing more than just walking around a flat surface. If you’re climbing ladders or moving about large equipment, the last thing you want is a wire that will potentially become stuck on an object. To avoid this kind of problem you need to invest in a wireless tour guide system.

Plant-Tours offers several wireless tour guide systems. These systems give you a headsets with a built in microphone and receiver. Everything is connected and the equipment hangs around your chest. This way, you don’t have wires running from your ears down to your belt. The receiver than wirelessly sends the signal to the speaker configuration in your facility.

Plant-Tours has two different configuration setups with the headsets and microphone. One of the setups is designed to work with hard hats. If you need to wear a hard hat while giving the tour this option is desirable. Now, if the plant is loud and you have trouble hearing yourself, you may still want to invest in a wired configuration. This way, you can take advantage of the larger noise canceling headphones. As long as you don’t need to cover up too much noise during the tour, the hard hat wireless tour guide voice amplifier is the way to go.

The second option doesn’t specifically work with a hard hat as the microphone will come up higher on your head. It provides you with a comfortable fit and an easily adjustable configuration. Plus, with a number of control settings (like mute), and an eight hour battery life, this is one of the best tour guide voice amplifier options available through Plant-Tours.

Finding The Right Tour Guide Voice Amplifier For Your Needs

These are just a handful of the best tour guide voice amplifier options around. While you should always go with what works best for your budget and your specific tour needs, each one of these options should check off most, if not all your boxes. Plant-Tours has a number of tour guide systems available, one of which will work perfectly for you. And if you have any additional questions about specific products, now is a great time to contact Plant-Tours with any of your concerns, questions, or comments.


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