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How to Set Your In-Person Event Goals Correctly

In-person events are the best way to connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, and achieve business goals. However, hosting an event is more than just putting on a show and hoping for the best. To maximize the impact of your event, you need to set clear and achievable goals.

Reducing Noise Pollution Safely and Effectively

When workers spend days listening to loud machines, shouts, and other noise, they may develop permanent tinnitus, other issues with hearing, and even hearing loss. Implementing hearing protection methods is critical to safety of employees and staff.

Reducing Noise Pollution Safely and Effectively

Prolonged noise exposure isn’t just unpleasant and disruptive, but it may also have serious adverse effects on physical and mental health. Let’s take a look at a few methods for hearing conservation you can implement in your own workplace.

Reducing Noise Pollution Safely and Effectively

To protect their ears, employers need to implement hearing conservation programs. But hearing conservation methods need to be designed so that they don’t disrupt productivity and safety. While that can be a challenging task for employers, it’s certainly not impossible. In fact, let’s take a look at a few methods you can implement in your own workplace.

How Technology is Helping Manufacturers Tackle the Workforce Crisis

The workforce crisis in manufacturing is already a critical problem when it comes to issues such as staff shortages and skill gaps, but the advanced technology solutions which have already been revolutionizing this sector are now set to play a central role in addressing these challenges.

The role of Predictive Maintenance in enhancing manufacturing plant safety

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and analytical data, predictive maintenance aims to eliminate the unpredictability and potential dangers associated with equipment maintenance. Using embedded sensors, predictive maintenance can detect minute changes in temperature, decibel, and vibration that indicate the machine’s health status and performance.

How Technology Can Help in Better Event Coordination & Planning

Ready or not, digital evolution and innovations are reinventing the 21st-century business environment as we know it. And event coordination and planning are no exception.

In this quick guide, we analyze some of the latest innovations, highlighting their notable contribution to improving the events management industry.

Unique Safety Hazards in Paint Manufacturing, and How To Combat Them

This article discusses some unique safety hazards affecting professionals in the paint manufacturing space, as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that regularly utilize paint in their plant operations. It also offers advice on how employers, managers, and other leaders can combat these dangers.

The Importance of Effective Communication in Workplace Safety

Poor communication also has a significant impact on worker safety, especially for those who work in the manufacturing or industrial sectors.

In this article, we’ll look at why communication is so important and how effective communication can improve workplace safety.

Solutions for Effective Communication in Workplace Safety Training and Compliance

Companies across the globe are increasingly focused on improving their workplace safety training procedures and compliance measures. However, it’s far too common that these established procedures fall short of their intended goals. In this article, we’ll review methods on how to resolve communication errors in the workplace to improve safety training.

Safety Checklists & Communication Tools for Electrical Contractors

Recent statistics from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries indicate that up to 126 workers lost their lives due to electricity-related incidents in 2020. Hence, your workplace should observe appropriate safety protocols to anticipate and mitigate occupational hazards. Our quick guide explores effective electrical safety checklists and suitable communication tools for electrical contractors and workers.

Obstructed Communication in a Construction Zone

An inability to communicate with team members in an active construction zone is fraught with peril.

Working on a construction site is akin to keeping your head on a swivel, looking for anything that may invade your personal space while ensuring lines of communication remain clear. The sounds of a construction site might be symphonic, but it can be perilous if you cannot hear properly.

How Real-Time Training Can Fast-Track Onboarding & Improve Retention

With unemployment at a historic low, recruitment has continued to grow for nearly three years now, along with average hourly earnings, according to the New York Times. Although job growth is starting to slow down somewhat, American employers and their HR teams will continue to find it challenging to fill vacancies for months to come.

The solution? Use real-time training and education to help build a bridge for new employees.

Why contractor-worker communication is key to maintaining safety

What is the main skill successful construction contractors need to have today? Project management perhaps? Practical skills like bricklaying or carpentry? While these are all essential to delivering successful projects, we believe another skill is perhaps even more critical. In this article, we’re going to argue that effective communication is the glue that holds outstanding projects together. Read on to learn more about the importance of workplace communication in the construction sector and discover practical strategies to help establish strong communication channels.

Construction Site Hazards: Identifying and Mitigating Risks

The construction industry continues to lead national statistics for workplace fatalities, accidents, and injuries. In 2021, 20 percent of the 5,190 fatal workplace accidents happened on a construction site.

Hear that? The importance of noise-reduction in the autonomous warehouse

Although they were once the subject of science-fiction stories, autonomous warehouses will soon become the norm in the shipping and logistics worlds. But even with many aspects of warehouse work being automated, there is still a need for human employees to oversee tasks and handle certain responsibilities.

Emerging Technology Trends in the Construction Industry

Today’s technology impacts nearly every industry, and construction is no exception. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are making their way into buildings to help the industry’s workers. However, Technology Trends in construction can be fickle, and some trends that catch on quickly may fizzle out just as fast.

Improving Communication and Safety in Noisy Repair Shops

In noisy repair shops, poor communication can have negative consequences, such as misunderstandings, errors, and risks to employee safety.

Prioritizing Worker Health and Safety in Your Supply Chain

Workplace injuries can occur in any industry, but they’re especially prevalent in the supply chain and logistics industry and workers need to be educated on how to be safe.

How to Communicate Effectively and Promote Safety in the Automotive Industry

Every year, car manufacturers spend billions of dollars on the research and manufacturing of specialist safety systems for cars. But what about the safety of the workers in automobile manufacturing and repair environments? Despite ongoing automation in the industry, vehicle manufacturers continue to rely on people to control critical processes in their production facilities.


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