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Tour Headsets for Factories


We cover all the bases, from tour guide headset systems to tour guide equipment maintenance

Do you give factory tours? If so, you know how difficult it can be to both present the information in an easy to understand fashion for your tour groups while also hear their questions and what is being said. After all, factories are noisy. There’s a considerable amount of noise going on throughout the factory floor. To help, you need to invest in high noise headsets, which are designed to block out background noise while still allowing you to hear questions spoken into a microphone or instructions from a supervisor in another area of the building. Whatever you might use it for, Plant-Tours.com offers a number of tour headsets, each of which provides a number of benefits you need to take advantage of.


A Plant-Tours tour guide system uses wireless transmission of audio to provide clear communication between members of a tour group or a training group. The headsets themselves are connected to transceivers, receivers or other transmission devices by a small cord. This connection provides a better sound quality than using a completely wireless communication system. Wireless headsets may at times create static due to problems with transmission of the audio between tour group members. In addition, wireless tour guide systems often have a small number of available channels and limited participant capabilities that could be restrictive especially when providing tours and trainings for large groups.

Hands-free or Bluetooth systems are also less reliable when it comes to consistent sound quality especially with varying noise levels on a factory tour. A wireless tour guide system like Sennheiser may seem convenient but is more difficult to keep clean due to unsanitary in-ear headphones, is more expensive and also has limited channel capability.

Plant-tours offers numerous product options including one-way and two-way tour guide systems, making communication easy during either a tour or a training. Two-way communication during a tour or training can easily be accomplished using features such as push-to-talk which allows orderly and managed dialogue between participants. Whatever your application, Plant-Tours will have an assistive listening solution that will meet your needs.


There may be times when you do not need to purchase all of your audio equipment but instead, only need to rent the communication system. At Plant-Tours you have both options. If you plan on providing plant tours for the foreseeable future it is best to purchase. However, if you’re giving tours infrequently, or of a plant you’re attempting to sell, or of a limited run product, you may only want to rent the equipment. Plant-Tours offers turn-key packages for large groups and small groups ranging from 5 to 1500. So if you have rental needs, now is the time to check out what Plant-Tours has available.


By using Plant-Tours one or two way tour guide systems you are providing an easy and effective way to communicate while also adhering to social distancing guidelines. Easy to clean and simple to set up and use, Plant-Tours communication systems are fully compatible with all PPE equipment: masks, safety glasses, hard hats. In addition, the earphones can serve as a replacement for earplugs due to their noise reduction capabilities.


Plant-Tours.com offers the best tour guide systems available. All tour guide system equipment is rechargeable using our EZ store/charge case. A light, suitcase style storage case that organizes your audio equipment and serves as a charger is the ideal way to store and transport your audio system. This way you will never be worried about the remaining battery life of your headsets.

With the ability to wear guide headsets both in hard hat settings and with no additional equipment, these audio systems will help make life easier for you while you’re giving your tour. So, if you’re ready to take your factory tours to the next level while remaining comfortable, now is the time to invest in high noise headsets from Plant-Tours, serving the United States, Canada and Mexico.


We cover all the bases, from tour guide headset systems to tour guide equipment maintenance