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Automotive Manufacturing Communication Headsets

Solutions for Effective Communication in Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing environments are often hazardous due to noisy machinery and tools, and workers’ safety can be significantly compromised when this isn’t properly managed.

While traditional hearing protection such as ear plugs or muffs are important in protecting a worker’s hearing, they also prevent clear communication. This can lead to misunderstood instructions or directives which then tempts the worker to remove their safety gear to better listen and hear what is being said.

By providing workers the ability to communicate more clearly without having to remove important safety gear, workplaces can more effectively maintain safe work practices while keeping workers’ ears safe from loud damaging sounds.

Noise-reducing Headsets for the Automotive Industry

Plant-Tours.com offers headsets designed specifically to reduce noise and enhance communications between coworkers in a noisy environment. Our soft cushioned ear pads provide comfort for the wearer, while our crystal clear digital transmission ensures that important instructions won’t be misheard. We also have models available which are hard hat friendly so workers can still use head protection without issue. Plus, we offer a lockable finger push-to-talk feature for an attached microphone to provide freedom of movement when handling tasks.

Our durable earpads last a long time without deterioration even under heavy use, and are easily sanitized with our proprietary sanitizing station. This helps workers remain healthy and productive. Investing in sanitary equipment like this could make all the difference in keeping your team safe from potential contamination.

Find the Best Headset for Your Automotive Manufacturing Environment

At Plant-Tours.com, we want to make sure you’re making the best decision for whichever headset you choose. That’s why we offer free demo kits that allow you to try before you buy, with no risk.

Browse our selection of headsets online and order a free demo kit or call one of our expert customer service reps who can help put together a package that meets your needs. Trial different options with no commitment and enjoy the freedom of returning anything that doesn’t work out as expected – with no risk on your part!



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Manufactured for long life in rugged conditions.

Easy Set Up & Simple to Use

Ready to use out of the box


25+ years experience, Charlotte-based consultants on-call.

Buy or Rent Our Systems

We have a pricing plan to fit any budget.

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