Two-Way Tour Guide Systems

Facilitate essential communication with two-way systems that enhance unrestricted information exchange.

Find the right two-way tour guide system for you

Two-way communication systems for
more group interaction

Easily initiated, two-way tour guide communication is essential during a plant visit. 
Not sure of the right option for your facility?

Staff meetings & hiring orientation

Give your group the ability to communicate efficiently.


Executive walk-throughs

Give a professional impression during executive and BOD walk-throughs. 

On-site safety trainings

Ensure important safety information is clearly transmitted.

Factory Tours

Clear communication between leaders and attendees in any environment.


Enhance participation with the group ability to ask and respond to questions.

Trade Shows

Ensure your company message is heard, even in a crowd.

Fast information exchange at the press of a button

These events require easy, clear interaction between participants. Each participant must be able to hear clearly and be heard as well.

Our Wireless Two Way Communication Headsets System makes communicating in these situations simple and quick. The two-way headphones allow each participant to be heard … without interference caused by other attendees or ambient noise. And with our multiple, patented wireless two way headsets options, unrestricted information exchange is possible in any noise environment-Low to High.

Comfortable, lightweight headsets

If the headsets are uncomfortable, your event participants suffer. That’s the primary reason’s tour headphones systems doesn’t offer heavy, bulky, low-quality headsets. Even on a short walk-through, they irritate and annoy your guests, causing them to lose focus on your message.

Our comfortable, lightweight patented audio headsets for tours are available for any noise level environment — from a quiet lab to a high-decibel stamping operation. This lets your team members concentrate on the task at hand instead of being distracted by their personal discomfort.

To keep the Plant-Tours System at optimal performance levels – fully charged and ready – our six-unit Rapid Charge charging and storage units (Portable Receiver and Portable Transmitter) are the ideal choice.

Technologies that streamline tours

All of the features on our Premier Two-Way Tour Guide system ensure that your staff can easily maintain the system and utilize it whenever necessary with ease. And the small footprint allows for system storage in compact, unobtrusive locations.

Our patented Two-Way Tour Guide System (available only at delivers optimum performance and unmatched value … at an affordable price.

Concurrent multiple tour or work group events are easily facilitated. Fifteen channels eliminate the risk of crosstalk between groups in any facility.

Which type of system do I need?

One-Way SystemTwo-Way SystemTeam SystemsWireless Systems
Guide Headset
Audience Listening Headsets
Handheld Q&A Microphone
Audience Push-to-Talk Capacity

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