Team Communication Systems

Connect your team with a high-quality headset system for faster, clearer communication.

Easy staff communications
at an affordable price

Easily initiated, two-way tour guide communication is essential during a plant visit. 
Not sure of the right option for your facility?

15 channels

15 channels provide multiple team, employee, and work group communications.

1/2 mile range

Our audio guide system’s transmission ranges up to 1/2 mile for clear conversations. 

2-way listening

Includes additional long talk settings that allow uninterrupted communication flow. 

Case Study: Waste Connections provides a specialized lineup of products designed and patented exclusively for the management and staff communication needs of manufacturing and industrial facilities around the world.

One of the many customers of for the staff communications products, Waste Connections in Tampa, FL, is a processing facility for waste collection, transfer and recycling. Waste Connections is a large provider of these services in many locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Site Manager for this facility contacted to source a reliable and durable transceiver for his staff to be able to easily communicate under indoor and outdoor conditions.

After he contacted the Consultant at, he requested and received a free Demo Kit with all the product options to test in his operation. After comparing the wide variety of headsets available, he selected the MT-700 2-Way Transceiver with the MT-200 headset. The MT-200 features hard-hat compatibility and is lightweight, while providing high noise reduction for the noisy areas of the Waste Connections processing areas. Over the past several years, the customer has continued to add transceivers and headsets to accommodate his staff.

The communication system allows easy and frequent information exchange at the press of a button to ensure safety, efficiency and accuracy during each shift. The MT-107 6 Unit Rapid Charging Station keeps the system organized and all the radios charged and ready for every shift.’s exclusive Sanitation Station is included in every order, ensuring a clean and sanitized radio and headset between uses.

Critical tools for clear communication in all facility types

Our team communication headsets are essential tools for organizations that require clear and efficient communication among their teams. Whether you are managing a manufacturing plant, an event, or a construction site, effective communication is crucial for maintaining productivity and ensuring safety.

These types of headsets are designed to provide a hands-free communication solution that allows team members to communicate effectively, without the need for shouting or interrupting their work.

Our PlantTours team communication headsets are built to be durable and resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for use in harsh and demanding environments. But they are also designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Which type of system do I need?

One-Way SystemTwo-Way SystemTeam SystemsWireless Systems
Guide Headset
Audience Listening Headsets
Handheld Q&A Microphone
Audience Push-to-Talk Capacity

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