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Construction Communication Headsets

Solutions for Effective Communication in Construction

Construction work is a unique environment that has its own set of challenges, such as incessant construction noise. This continuous loud noise can reach harmful decibel levels, which can lead to dangerous hearing impairment or even permanent hearing loss. Not only that, those same decibel levels can make it difficult for construction team members and site management to communicate clearly.

Traditional sound dampening solutions protect construction workers’ hearing while they are on the job. But they don’t necessarily help with clear communication between construction team members and site management. That’s why construction sites must find other ways of addressing this problem in order to ensure safety while maintaining efficient communication at all times.

When working in dangerous, loud environments, clear voice transmission and hearing protection are a must. Unfortunately, finding the right solution for clear two-way communications that also provides adequate protection can be difficult and time-consuming. You need a viable solution that offers clear voice transmission along with full hearing protection that’s easy to use.

Hearing Protection and Safety for the Construction Industry

Plant-Tours.com offers a range of comfortable, durable noise-reducing audio headsets. Our headsets feature built-in microphones for crystal clear communication. Some options include a locked, finger-push-to-talk option to free up the wearer’s range of motion.

Many units can be used with a hard hat, so you don’t have to compromise worker safety. For maximum noise reduction, you’ll want to opt for a behind-the-head headset with soft, durable vinyl earpads that provide full coverage over the ear. The earpads are easily cleaned and sanitized.

We can also fit all headsets with boom mics and our unique locking push-to-talk options designed specifically for team leaders, ensuring both comfort and interaction in any work environment.

Built to last and capable of providing clear communication moderate to high noise levels, our headsets set the standard when it comes to durability and overall performance.

Choosing the Best Headset for Your Construction Team

At Plant-Tours.com, we want to make sure you’re making the best decision for whichever headset you choose. That’s why we offer free demo kits that allow you to try before you buy, with no risk.

Browse our selection of headsets online and order a free demo kit or call one of our expert customer service reps who can help put together a package that meets your needs. Trial different options with no commitment and enjoy the freedom of returning anything that doesn’t work out as expected – with no risk on your part!



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Manufactured for long life in rugged conditions.

Easy Set Up & Simple to Use

Ready to use out of the box


25+ years experience, Charlotte-based consultants on-call.

Buy or Rent Our Systems

We have a pricing plan to fit any budget.

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