If you’re reading this, I know why you’re here. And believe me, I sympathize with you! Your facility has an upcoming guided tour, maybe for investors, top brass or other VIPs. Your boss tasked you with finding a reliable audio tour guide system for the event. This is not normally in your wheelhouse, and you’re not happy about it… at all.

While he probably didn’t say it, you know how getting the wrong system could affect your job. So, you want to get it right the first time. If the message gets muffled… you’re toast.

Now, I could be wrong and you really enjoy this kind of challenge. But even so, getting the right tour guide system is important to you. So, you’ve done your due diligence and set off on a quest to research and obtain an audio tour guide system that will make the boss proud.

Well, your search for a top notch system is over and it ends with Plant-Tours headsets and communication gear.

What You Need in an Audio Tour Guide System

If you’re unsure about what type of equipment you need and why, this should help you figure it out. And if you already know what you’re looking for, you can use this as a litmus test to make a qualified, informed decision.

Either way, you’ll know whether a Plant-Tours audio tour guide system fits the bill. If it does… your search really is over.

And you can relax, knowing you’ve made the right choice.

So, here are some of the questions you should be asking, if you haven’t already.

  1. Do you need to rent or buy the equipment?
    The answer may depend on how often you’re going to be conducting tours that need wireless communication. But rest assured, we can help you either way.
  2. How many attendees will be present?
    That’s a good thing to know, right? We can handle anything from a small, intimate tour of 5 people, to a large venue where you’re hosting as many as 1,500. By the way, if you’re renting, we can help. More on that in a minute.
  3. Will there be one tour going on at a time, or several in the same area?
    That’s important, because if there are several, you’ll need a quality system with multi-channel capability. And of course, no cross-talk allowed! Our systems have that capability. In fact, you can have up to 17 groups going with no channel or frequency conflicts.
  4. Will the audio tour guide system be reliable and is it designed for the type of tour we’re planning?
    Ok, that’s two questions. But the answer to both is yes, if you choose Plant-Tours equipment. We actually design our systems based on years of experience. With our equipment, you’ll get a reliable system that’s guaranteed to fit the bill. Some vendors give you a cookie cutter system. We don’t. We make sure you get exactly what you need.
  5. What if my attendees don’t all speak the same language? How do I handle that?
    With our multi-channel system, you can have a guide present for each language needed. And again, since there’s no cross-talk and crystal clear communication, the various groups can co-exist on the same tour, saving time.
  6. My attendees may need to talk to the tour guide. Is that possible?
    Absolutely! We have several options there, both for one-way communication from the guide to the attendees, supplemented with a roaming mic for occasional interaction, or a two-way system where back and forth discussion will be the norm.
  7. Our tour takes place in a very noisy environment. We’ve used headsets in the past that just didn’t cut it. Will that be a problem?
    Absolutely not. We have an individual audio tour guide system with patented and trademarked headphones and headsets custom-designed for every noise level, from the quiet surroundings of an office or laboratory, to the clanging and banging of the factory floor. You can get the one that matches the decibel levels of your venue.
  8. I don’t know much about this kind of thing. How do I know I’m getting the right system… and will I be able to set it up properly?
    Those are two excellent questions. And important enough to be covered separately. After all, reliability doesn’t just concern equipment. It extends to service as well.

The Plant-Tours Audio Systems Make a Difference

Now that you know some of the questions you should be asking—and the answers, too—let’s make sure you know what type of service you should expect from your audio tour guide system vendor.

Make that demand from them.

Planning and conducting successful plant tours may not be your area of expertise. But it is ours. We’re good at it because we’ve helped hundreds of companies and thousands of facilities around the globe conduct successful, productive tours. You can’t beat the knowledge our staff has accumulated.

We exist to help you hold a successful event when audio tour guide systems are part of the requirements. When an event is imminent, give us a call. We’ll help you decide exactly what equipment to use and whether you should buy or rent it from us. We won’t try to sell you what you don’t need, taking advantage of your inexperience. (Some companies will, so be careful!)

We not only know what type of headsets, transceivers and microphones you need, but we have them in stock. And before they ship to you, we make sure they’re in working order. You don’t need any surprises on your big day, right?

By the way, we treat rental customers with the same respect and care that we do our purchasing clients. In fact, if you need 80 or more headsets, we offer our exclusive White Glove VIP service that includes uniformed representative that help you onsite… at no additional charge. They’re there to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

With Plant-Tours headsets and audio tour guide systems, your search for a great, reliable system really is over. Quality equipment with crystal clear sound, a knowledgeable staff with your best interest at heart, and service to back up the sale all adds up to your message heard… loud and clear.

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