High Noise Headsets for Your Next Tour

When investing in equipment for your factory tours you need to have hardware that allows you to communicate with guests of the tour. Depending on the noise levels of the factory, this might include noise canceling headsets. The high noise headsets, available through Plant-Tours, provides you with both one-way and two-way audio options. This way, you can either have a one-way microphone communication setup, which allows you to talk to your guests, or you can have a two-way communication setup, which makes it possible for guests to ask questions along the way. Whatever configuration you’re looking for, there are high noise headsets for your next tour available through Plant-Tours.

Understanding Noise Reduction Rate (NRR)

When shopping for high noise headsets you’ll see an NRR rating mentioned. This is in reference to how many dBs the headphones remove from reaching your ear. The number itself is not the actual number that is removed though. For this, you will need to do some math.

To determine the actual DBs removed, you will take the NRR number, subtract 7, then divide by 2. For example, if you have a headset with a 33 NRR, you’ll subtract 7 (giving you 26), and then divide by 2 (giving you 13). This means the headphones take 13 dB off of the sound level. So, if you’re in an environment that is producing 100 dB of sound, the 33 NRR headphones will subject 13 dB, meaning 87 dB will reach your ear.

One-Way High Noise Headphones

When looking for high noise headsets for a one-way configuration Plant-Tours offers two different options. There is the PT-200 High Noise Headphone and the PT-250 Max Noise Headphone.

Each of these headphones offers some noise reduction assistance while still making it possible to hear what is going on around you. The ability to hear around you and to take in the environmental sounds is an important safety feature. You will have guests who likely have never been in your facility before. Without the ability to hear machinery, moving vehicles, or other sounds taking place around them they are at a greater risk of injuring themselves. This is why the high noise headphones does still allow noise in while reducing the decile (dB) level.

The PT-200 High Noise Headphone provides you with both over-head and behind-head comfort bands. These bands keep the headphones snug over ears, no matter which way the head may tilt. You can look up, down, or side to side and the headphones will not slip off. Plus, the low profile above-head feature makes it possible to still wear a hard hat. Combined with the rugged durability and lightweight design of the headphones this is a sleek and comfortable option that is rated at a 14 NRR (Noise Reduction Rate).

The PT-250 Max Noise Headphone shares many of the same features as the PT-200. This headset makes it possible to still wear hard hats or bump caps. It has a rugged design and is still lightweight for its size at 12 ounces. These headphones have a 24 NRR, so it does bump the rating up by 10 over the other model. The 14 NRR model will remove around 3.5 dB while this model will remove around 8.5.

Two-Way High Noise Headsets

If you’re looking to invest in two-way high noise headsets that make it possible for your guests to communicate with you as you give the tour, Plant-Tours does have a number of options you’ll want to consider.

You will find both there is an MT-200 and an MT-250. The basic designs for these headphones are the same as the PT versions. The main difference here is the addition of a microphone and some control buttons on an attached wire. The microphone will connect into the left headphone and can be adjusted to better fit the position of the mouth. The control buttons also make it possible to increase or decrease volume. It is also possible to mute the microphone.

The MT and PT models all have the same Noise Reduction Ratings, although there is a three-ounce difference in weight thanks to the inclusion of the microphone. This means the MT-250 tips the scales at 15 ounces. The over-head and rear-head support pads does help alleviate the amount of weight applied to the head and neck. However, if the difference in noise cancelation isn’t that big of a deal to you then you may want to go with the lighter headset (especially if you’ll be giving tours for most of the day).

You will also find a moderate to high noise reduction headset in the form of the MT-370. This set comes with comfortable, over-ear headphones and an adjustable microphone. Now, the over-head band does have a larger profile, so you will not be able to wear this pair with a hard hat, so keep this in mind when selecting the right two-way high noise headsets. This device also doesn’t remove as much exterior sound as the other MT models, but it does weigh less (the microphone and headphone combination weighs 8.6 ounces).

Buy or Rent For Easier Convenience

If you are planning on giving factory tours for the foreseeable future it will likely be more cost effective to purchase the equipment outright and add on as your needs expand. However, if you are giving plant tours on a limited basis, such as to show off a factory for sale, or you’re demonstrating a new product, you may not need to have the tour equipment on hand permanently. When this is the case, it may be a better option to rent the equipment instead of buy. Whatever your needs are, Plant-Tours has you covered, as you can both rent and purchase the high noise headsets directly through the website. The customer service representatives will be on hand to help you determine which is the best way to go.

Finding the Right One or Two-Way High Noise Headsets For Your Factory Tours

In order to maximize your tour giving experience, it is important for you to have the right hardware at your disposal. This potentially includes high noise headsets. If you’re in need of high noise headsets, either one-way or two-way, all you need to do is check out the selection on Plant-Tours. Here you’ll find all the necessary equipment and hardware required to put on the best plant tours possible. And if you have further questions regarding hardware or what will work best for your individual needs, feel free to reach out and contact the customer service department at Plant-Tours for a personalized walkthrough of all the equipment designed to fit your requirements.

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