How to Choose the Best Tour Guide Microphone and Headsets

You never know when you will have a surprise visit from your executive office or potential customers. When entering the factory offices, you must be prepared to see a “Welcome VIP Group” message on the reception room LCD monitors at all times. To prepare yourself for these spontaneous events, we recommend you have an effective tour guide headset system on hand. At, we can set you up with the right communication system for your needs.

WIRELESS VS ANALOG TOUR Guide Microphones and headsets

Headsets constructed with high-quality materials and software will cancel background noises within the unit’s range. For instance, you could prevent listeners from hearing pounding metal or loud machine humming. In addition, sharp feedback that could hurt someone’s ears will be dramatically reduced, leading to an enjoyable factory tour experience. Plant Tours two-way headsets are dramatically superior to the best wireless systems options on the market. A wireless audio tour guide system is usually Bluetooth enabled and/or needs a WIFI connection to operate. In a large manufacturing plant setting, wifi is spotty at best and physical obstacles are numerous. This creates interference and an unreliable wireless communication connection.

Wireless audio, such as the Retekess t130, has its place in offices and other less harsh environments but when a plant tour participant is outfitted with a wireless headset, wireless receiver, wireless transmitter and a wireless microphone, the chance of receiving high-quality audio is very remote. Other methods of communication will also run into issues involving audio clarity on the factory floor. Using a PA system or a sound system with an amplifier can dramatically increase the volume of the speaker’s voice but will not reduce the background noise. Therefore the ability of the tour participants to hear the voice of the guide will be compromised.

High-Performance Tour Guide SYSTEMS

Unlike a Wireless tour guide system, headsets consisting of an earphone or earpiece and a built-in microphone will improve audio volume even if you do not turn up the levels to their maximum level. When wearing assistive listening headsets made from durable materials, your listeners will hear uninterrupted speech.

Your guides will deliver the highest audio quality even when touring 30-40 people or more.

The two-way system’s push-to-talk feature allows controlled speech while allowing the speaker to remain hands-free the majority of the time. In addition, multiple touring groups can use the headset systems at the same time. Our analog two-way communication systems contain 15 channels and run in the 462 MHz frequency range, VHF. This setup is perfect for language interpretation tours. Participants speaking a language other than the language the tour guide is presented in can tune into a unique channel. This way the tour guide system can act as a translation system by having a separate presenter give a simultaneous interpretation of the tour to a specific set of users who receive the simultaneous translation in real-time.

Features of the Best Tour Guide Microphone and Headsets

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of finding high-quality tour guide systems, we can help. To narrow your options, we suggest the following features when preparing for your next plant tour:

Operation range

We recommend a microphone that can reach listeners up to 150 feet.

Long battery life

For your convenience all storage cases double as a charger. Using equipment that stays charged all day can improve sound quality. A well-charged system also can eliminate hassel and interruptions.

Fast charging

For instance, you can charge two way units in six hours or less using the PT-107 charging case. Others you can set in a case overnight and charge the lithium battery units while stored in a convenient place for immediate use.

Patented Charging Sensor

This will prevent any damage when charging all your rechargeable one-way transmitters and receivers, VHF.

Programming up to 15 channels

This will allow you to host several tours at the same time without interference between groups. It also prevents crosstalk, as each group will have their own channel.

Durable materials

The best tour guide microphone and headsets do not break easily when dropped. They also stay intact because of a special UV coating that reduces the wear and tear process.

Volume mute

This will prevent listeners from hearing others cough or sneeze and will quiet background sounds while people are listening. You can also use this function any time when greater privacy while touring is needed.

Additional Features of Professional Quality Microphone and Headsets

You must remember to choose the tour guide microphone system and headset system set up for ease of use and compatible with other equipment. For instance, you can combine the PT 5370 All-in-One Headset with the PT-5000 or the PT-5100 transmitter. Using proper compatible units will ensure higher-quality performance and a longer product lifespan. In addition to other audio equipment, the system is compatible with all PPE including hard hats, safety glasses, masks, and lanyards.

Another important factor is the size and weight of your tour guide set. Using a lightweight system makes moving from one section of the facility to another less of a hassle.

As a speaker, the ability to hear oneself is also important, as it provides immediate feedback to the tour experience. If the leader of a tour can hear him or herself, it provides confidence that the listeners can hear audio. This feature, included with our all-in-one guide headsets, along with an individual volume level, will prevent the tour guide from shouting.

One more feature tour guides find useful is the ability to plug external devices into a system. Even if a transmitter is not needed, it can enhance the sound when used along with headsets, microphones and the following: tablets, smartphones or mp3 players.

We’re Ready to Set Up and Test Your System

We are here to help you set up your audio tour guide system for touring and to make sure your tour group will hear your tour guides in environments of all kinds. Loud background noise, large distances and high ceilings can be an impediment to communication. With our proprietary tour guide headset systems and listening devices we can ensure crystal clear audio for your tours and training. The flexibility our systems provide by allowing for an interpretation system and social distancing solution is unmatched. In addition, the tests we perform will confirm that you have chosen the right equipment for your group size. You can email or call us if you have any questions about selecting the right tour guide microphone and headsets or to schedule deliver of your Free Demo Kit.


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