When you want to make an impression during a facility tour, you need clarity in communication. Convenience and efficiency make for a smooth tour when corporate staff and potential clients come to visit.

The problem is, not all wireless tour guide systems perform the way they should. For instance, poorly assembled equipment can result in broken speech, static or no audio. Another issue you might notice is you only can talk and listen within a short range on certain microphones. In addition, you might hear crosstalk from another tour group on site if using below-grade wireless equipment.

The good news is, Plant-Tours offers you the newest, most advanced choices for producing clear sound during a tour. We supply one-way and two-way communication systems rated up to a 150 foot range to ensure you deliver crisp, clear dialog.

Features of High-Quality Wireless Tour Guide Systems

  • Large operating range – For instance, we have the Portable Wireless PT-5500 microphone that allows a speaker to reach people within 80-100 feet. We also can provide you with a PT-1000 receiver that reaches up to 150 feet in case you have a larger crowd.
  • Multiple programmable channels – Avoid audio conflicts when you schedule more than one tour at a time. Choose a channel that no one else is on, and you will not hear any crosstalk.
  • Mute button – This will allow for greater privacy when needed. It also helps you reduce noise occurring from breathing and side conversations between tour attendees.
  • Long battery life – We provide wireless tour guide systems that last over eight hours on one full charge. We also have systems in which you can place your transmitters and receivers in charging cases overnight. By morning, your charged units will be ready for you to use for a whole day.
  • Impact resistant – A durable, strong system will last you for years. For example, our PT-1000 receiver will stay intact even if dropped. Its triple UV coating also slows down the everyday wear and tear process.
  • Noise reduction features – Noise reduction eliminates background noise, such as machines, HVAC, production lines, etc. It allows you to clearly understand the tour guide, even in loud conditions.

Convenience Attributes to Look for in Wireless Tour Guide Systems

In addition to providing you with clear audio sound, the convenience of your systems will also impress your corporate plant visitors. Ideally, you will want a microphone that you can hold in your hand and easily pass to another speaker. In addition, lightweight equipment will ensure you are not weighed down during long tours.

Equipment that can be worn in different positions, such as a multi-position headset, results in smoother tour guide sessions. We also have systems that you can wear with a hard hat to allow for high-fidelity audio plus maximum protection when entering production work spaces.

The ability to turn equipment on and off with the same dial used to adjust the volume also makes presenting tours easy. Having units on hand you can keep in the charging case even when not in use also helps, especially if you need to keep it stored in a tight space and transport then often.

Some charger bays provide you the ability to change the channel on all your devices at once. This provides for easy access to frequencies no one else is currently using. When on the correct channel, you also can answer questions immediately if using a two-way system.

How to Prepare for Your Next Corporate Tour

We recommend dividing your tour groups into a maximum of around 30-40 people to allot for unplanned events that can come up during a tour. If need be, you can schedule up to 17 tours at a time with our multi-channel systems.

If you need help setting up your corporate tour guide system, you can count on us for plenty of tour tips to make sure they will work on the “big day.” Even if you already rent or own our products, we recommend conducting tests before your next set of scheduled tours.

Contact us if you have more questions about choosing the right wireless system for your next corporate tour.

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