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Crystal clear communication is vital to operations in any industry. Making sure that everyone involved—from hourly employees to C-suite management—is on the same page ensures cohesiveness in day to day operations.

Of course, emails, memos and other forms of oral communication are daily activities. However, there are times when verbal communication expands beyond the normal daily activities of the office, meeting room, or factory floor. Sometimes clear verbal communication is needed for groups of individuals. In those instances, tour guide systems for wireless communication are essential to convey an important message to the audience or attendees.

Some examples are:

  • Factory tours for investors or senior management
  • Training classes for safety, maintenance, or new hire orientation
  • Orientation walkthroughs for area emergency services personnel
  • Auditorium settings where some attendees require hearing assistance
  • Group communication in which a translator must interpret information
  • Insurance companies with large home office complexes
  • Bio-pharmaceutical companies that conduct tours in their laboratories
  • Telecommunications and data comm operations
  • Health and wellness centers
  • Hospitals and extended care facilities

Simply being able to communicate allows important questions to be answered, such as:

  • Is the staff knowledgeable about the products they offer?
  • Do they understand my industry or business enough to make relevant suggestions?
  • Have they worked in and provided equipment and service for your type of facility? Do they know what they are doing? This is the true litmus test. If the answer is “no” or “I don’t know” to these questions, how can you take the chance and rely on them to professionally and knowledgeably service your special guests?
  • Do they have options for me to try different types of systems on locations (preferably a demo kit of various wireless communication options)?
  • If I need assistance in setting up my equipment—especially if I’m renting or using it for the first time—is someone available to help me?
  • Is the tour guide system vendor really an expert in tour guide systems, or are they just an uninformed retailer?
  • Is the wireless communication company easy to work with or will they brush me off as just another dollar sign?

Noisy Manufacturing Facilities aren’t the Only Settings for a Tour Guide System

In fact, the variety of industries using wireless tour guide equipment might surprise you. Yes, the usual suspects are industries such as automotive, food processing, heavy equipment manufacturers and the like. Crystal clear communication is necessary in many of the “quieter” industries. In fact, tour guide systems are often used to keep the tour itself from distracting employees during the tour.

Headsets using wireless communication technology ensure that both one-way and two-way exchanges between the tour guide and attendees is clear. Yet, at the same time, it is not disruptive to the work environment. Attendees hear the message with clarity and ease, while workers are able to concentrate on their important task.

So, what are some of the other, quieter industries and businesses that benefit from tour guide systems using wireless communication? Some of them are:

Large farming operations conduct tours as well, often outdoors. The agriculture industry is another huge industry where tour guide systems are used. Headsets for wireless communication are used, not only for visitor tours, but for daily operations as well.

In fact, any facility or business that conducts tours of any kind can and probably do use a tour guide system. Interestingly, some organizations that you might not consider a traditional industry employ wireless communications, not just for guided tours, but in normal operation.

Many churches and religious gatherings use the same type of equipment used in factories and warehouses. Many meeting attendees need hearing assistance to get the most from these gatherings.

Of course, colleges and universities use wireless communications in a variety of settings. Campus tours for aspiring students, faculty, board member outings, and auditorium lectures are all scenarios where headset tour guide systems are used to ensure message clarity.

So the question is: would your business in your industry benefit from using tour guide systems for wireless communication? And if so, what should you look for when choosing the proper equipment?

Choosing the Right Guide System for Wireless Communication

Whether you buy a system for regular use, or rent equipment for one-time or occasional use, you are making an investment in your business or organization. You need to make sure you’re getting the wireless communication system best suited for your needs, now and in the future.

Looking at all the choices available, you might feel a little overwhelmed. So, the first consideration is choosing the right company to work with. Here are some of the factors you should contemplate:

The Types of Industries Using Plant-Tours Headset is Endless

How about yours? You might be surprised at the myriad of opportunities for crystal clear communication you’ll discover once you try it. In fact, you’ll probably look for opportunities where wireless communication can make your job easier.

Here is one final, very important consideration to factor in when choosing the right tour guide system for wireless communication in your industry, business or organization. In a word, flexibility. Once you’ve discovered the endless possibilities, you’ll probably realize that conducting several tours with different groups of attendees would be productive.

That means your communication system needs that capability built in. Plant-Tours systems are designed and built for multi-channel use, allowing several tour groups to be in the same area without any cross-talk between them, no matter the size of the individual groups. This allows you to stage tours in closer intervals, or even conduct tours with different purposes in the same location at the same time.

From factory tours to staff communications, and even large venues such as conferences, the comfortable headsets from Plant-Tours deliver your message loud and clear.

In any industry… even yours.

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