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Training Headsets to Overcome Social Distancing

As life slowly begins to return to pre- pandemic levels, manufacturing facilities are increasing capacity and holding more tours and training events. This return to “business as usual” comes with many changes to the manner in which work is done to promote workplace safety. Facilities are instituting one way traffic flow down hallways, hand sanitizer dispensers, and PPE requirements including a wear masks mandate. While some employees will continue telecommuting and participating through virtual meetings, others are very much looking forward to getting back into the office. Remote working has its perks but it is hard to replicate the collaboration and teamwork benefits you get with face to face interaction. So what steps can firms take to protect their employees and make them feel comfortable during a transition back to in person meetings, training and other events? Here are some examples of modifications that can be instituted:

      • Schedule facility cleanings more often
      • Create signage that gives social distancing guidance to employees
      • Make sanitation stations widely available including hand washing stations
      • Increase air flow into facilities (consider upgrading HVAC systems)
      • Require masks especially when close contact between people is unavoidable

These initiatives will help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and promote the well-being of all people who are in the facility


Training Staff with Social Distancing Restrictions

According to centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), social distancing, also called “physical distancing”, means keeping a safe distance between yourself and other people who are not from your household. In practice, maintain a social distance of 6 feet from others in both indoor and outdoor spaces. This is one of the most important ways to combat the spread of coronavirus since it is commonly spread through airborne transmission. Using social distancing as a guideline here are some tips to conduct training in your facilities.

Keep six feet of distance between participants. Maximize space by breaking training sessions into small groups. Make signage clearly visible that routes foot traffic in one way patterns. Rearrange desks for personal space. Also make online training available for employees who are at greater risk so that they can participate as well.

Avoid busy areas by not promoting places where attendees could potentially congregate. Even though people enjoy a lounge area with refreshments and an opportunity to network, these areas will have a higher risk of transmission. Leave the networking to social media apps like LinkedIn at this time. An alternative would be to place a table somewhere along the one-way traffic route that has refreshments for pick-up.

If your facility has an outdoor area, consider using that environment for a social distancing training session. Fresh air and sunlight provide the perfect environment to combat pandemic risks.

In situations where some participants are unable to attend the training session, video conferencing tools should be integrated into the meeting room and be made available. Webinars through tools such as zoom, google hangouts meet, and Microsoft teams make this type of interactivity possible.

In situations where distance is required, audio guide communication headsets will allow communication to flourish even with additional measures put in place to reduce the spread of COVID.


Communication Headset for Training

Plant-Tours.com social distancing communication solution consists of headphones, receiver, transmitter (or transceiver) and an optional standalone microphone. All systems come with a travel storage case that also charges the equipment. Perfect for on-boarding and other training sessions, Plant-Tours.com noise-reducing headsets produce clear audio transmission of training instruction while also allowing for social distancing protocols that help reduce the spread of COVID-19. All of our headsets are PPE compatible, masks and safety glasses integrate comfortably with Plant-Tours.com equipment for all users. In addition, our patented headsets replace hearing protection for your participants, providing a dual benefit.

Plant-Tours.com offers COVID-safe rental and purchase options for your tour guide system needs. All equipment is easy to clean and each participant will have their own equipment during the training event. A sanitizing kit is available with each order as well as disposable ear covers and replaceable windscreens for microphone covers.

Last year business travel and in-person meetings were non-existent. One year later we are moving towards a new normal that will consist of face to face training, meetings and tours. This new normal will include modifications designed to keep employees’ physical and mental health strong. These modifications, directed by gov institutions and healthcare providers, will focus on social distancing recommendations to keep space between employees. Plant-Tours.com offers durable, easy to set up, high quality audio communication systems that will provide crystal clear audio so communication will not be diminished even with the increase in space between employees. In addition to plant tours, the systems are perfect for daily meetings, quality audits, floor/Gemba walks, safety inspections, and training of all kinds including onboarding and process improvement just to name a few. With social distancing required in most facilities, having a communication system is more important than ever.

Plant-Tours.com has both one and two-way communication systems available for your specific application. Contact us today for a Free Demo Kit (including return shipping) with all communication system headset options for you to test at your own convenience with no obligation to buy.