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What Does the New Normal Look Like for Tour Guides?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people around the world and has placed various sectors at risk for total closures. Unfortunately, the pandemic has compromised the travel industry the most, compromising hotel retailers, airlines, and of course, tour guides. As a result, tourists are forced to stay at home, dashing the travel dreams to an end.

Unfortunately, the impacts of restricted traveling have implicated the industry in more ways than one, and not just the loss of dreams and discovery. Millions of people have now lost their jobs in the tour guide scene, especially since museums, monuments, and attractions have effectively been halted. 

As the world slowly recovers, the travel industry now looks at the embers to restart the fuel of traveling once more. Although lockdowns are slowly easing in, certain issues must still be taken into account. People are itching to get away and explore once more, but the new normal is upon us, particularly when it comes to the tour guide. 

The question now stands—how are tour guides coping with the new normal?

Investing in extra measures 

Tourism is starting once more, and tour guides, in particular, are ensuring that future visitors remain safe. Guidelines are created addressing the pandemic, including codes of conduct tour guides and tourists must follow. Facilities must also have proper guidelines installed, and guide audio systems that allow tour guides to speak into microphones, which can then link up to visitor phones. 

Clients are also expected to wear masks, and around the facilities will be hand sanitizers and washing facilities. Social distancing rules will also be upheld, and this is done through proper and systematic planning of tours, ensuring that no two groups will spend time on an attraction for long periods.

Basking in the need—not desire—for travel 

After being cooped up in their houses since the beginning of lockdown, touring and traveling will likely become necessary for many. Having to stay at home for months at a time can be quite taxing, and we know it all too well. In all likelihood, the world will be experiencing a surge in tourism after lockdown, prompting touring and travel agencies to prepare for this surge.

However, touring will likely not be the same, with people preferring to travel in small groups and for shorter periods to lessen their perceived risk of infection. People will likely be warier of group tours and visits to areas with high human traffic, such as big cities, casinos, and theme parks. Instead, they’d likely prefer to stay close to nature, opting for nature parks and reserves.

Encouraging Creativity Amidst the Pandemic’s New Normal

Although the pandemic has placed a tour guide in countless setbacks, the industry is fighting back with passion and creativity. There are a variety of ways to still remain in business, and plenty of companies now turn to the online world for tours. People can now have access to tours in the comfort of their own homes, and at the same time, opt to finally go out and explore once again. Tour guide systems have now embraced the new normal, and looking forward, they’re expected to rise from the ruins once more.

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