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Why Buy A Wireless Translation System | Plant Tours

You’ve got enough on your plate while giving a factory tour. The last thing you need is to be fumbling over wires and cables running from your microphone system. Walking around with a microphone and attached speaker system simply isn’t conducive to a successful tour. From the cable catching on railings and guests’ shoes to tripping and falling over the cord, when you want to give a plant tour and give it right, you need to take advantage of our wireless tour guide system.

With a handful of options available, you can customize your audio capabilities. This way, you’ll always provide your guests with the highest quality tour, regardless of who you’re talking to and showcasing. In addition to selecting the right wireless equipment, if you offer tours that often caters to international visitors and those who are not native English speakers, a wireless tour guide system translation design ensures you’re able to communicate with non-English speakers. By doing this, everyone will be able to take on the tour.

Wireless Tour Guide System Translation Designs

The wireless design of the tour guide systems we provide come in several sizes and designs; these size variations will depend on what kind of setup you’re looking for. If you do not need to wear hard hats and the production noise is minimal, you can use a basic headset system. This allows you, the tour guide, to speak into a headset, which is then wirelessly transmitted to a speaker. You may opt for a portable speaker that attaches to you (such as a small speaker that clips onto your belt), or you may connect it to a larger PA system built into your facility.

At other times you may offer tours through a production facility that is on the noisier side. When this is the case, your guests will need to wear headsets to ensure they can hear. If hard hats are not required, they can wear basic headphones to allow your voice to be projected into their ears via the headphones. In more extreme conditions, the headphones can include noise-canceling capabilities, which helps cut down on the outside noise so your guests will not be distracted, and it will be easier to hear what you’re saying as you go.

Should you take a tour through areas of a plant that require the use of a hard hat, some wireless designs will help with this. Some of the headphones we offer do not curve over the head but will curve behind the head. This allows for enough room to accommodate the hard hat. When you wear the hard hat, it won’t interfere with the headphones, nor will the headphones push the hat out of position.

Whatever the environment or wherever you’re giving your tour, there is some kind of a wireless headset that will work for your needs.

Wireless Translation Services

If you give a tour where a second language is needed for some or all the guests, there is a wireless translation option available. This allows what you say and what a translation is said to be heard by your guests. As you walk and give the tour, the translator will hear what you say. The guest in need of the translation will also hear what you’re saying, except the audio will be lower in volume. The translator will then translate what was said, and this will be whispered at a louder volume for the guest. This way, they can follow and still hear and understand what you are saying along with the tour.

If you take questions, the translator can accept the question and then translate it for you. The back and forth with your answer and additional questions will then run between you and the translator’s wireless system.

Now, if you have other group members who do not need translation during the main portion of the tour, there is a good chance they will not understand the question asked of you in a different language. The translator’s microphone is tuned specifically for those in need of translation, so the other guests may not hear or understand what is asked of you. The best way to make sure everyone is on the same page and that everyone can hear you should repeat the question asked of you. This is a simple way to keep everyone following the question that was asked.

We’ll Work With You In Crafting An Optimal Wireless Tour Guide Translation System

The best tour guide system is the one that works with you to enhance the tour you already give. It works around your parameters and what you need to produce a quality tour. This is why it is important to find a tour guide system that can adapt to your needs instead of forcing you to change how you give tours due to the wireless system’s limitations.

When you need a translation service that adds another layer of complexity to our wireless tour guide system, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. There are several ways the tour guide system can be adjusted to fit your needs and your guests’ needs. If you walk through a plant, you may want the tour guide to walk around with you and translate as you go. At other times, if you have a large tour service and you have dozens, if not hundreds of people taking part in a tour at once, you may opt for the translator to be in a centralized office location, listening to what you’re saying, and translating as you go. This works well when there are no back and forth questions and when multiple languages are needed.

The Right Translation Service For Your Tour

Finding the right wireless tour guide system is important as it helps enhance your tour giving capabilities. This includes the ability to provide translations for your guests. We can help with that with our wireless tour guide translation system. If you’d like to know more, please give us a call. We can’t wait to help service your business.

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