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Tour Guide Systems

with Q&A Interaction

This all digital system is designed for guide-driven tours for facility visitors. Your relaxed guide delivers your company’s message in a normal tone of voice via a constant transmission to each guest in rich, crisp, clear stereo sound. An additional hand-held microphone allows any guest to ask a question while on their tour.

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Tour Guide Systems

Our Two-Way Tour Guide System is ideal for interactive tours and in-house, plant-floor staff meetings. The system provides each participant with easy Push-To-Talk speaking ability for unlimited information exchange.

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Staff Communication

Tour Guide Systems

Plant Tours StaffConnect® System eases communication between staff members with 15 channels for multiple team transmission. This system provides up to 1/2 mile transmission range for clear conversation between employees and work teams.

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Tour Guide Systems

The Plant Tour wireless tour guide system provides all the necessary features with the flexibility and clarity of message and communication that you need.

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Training and tour guide systems make it possible for your listeners to hear a speaker or trainer in a large, busy, or noisy room. You can tour guide equipment for either one-way or two-way communication, depending on the interaction you need during a plant tour. See how our tour guide solutions can make a difference in your communication.


Rental Solutions

Our turn-key packages for groups of 5 to 1500 can be setup and arranged quickly and efficiently. A great option for occasional events

Purchasing Solutions

Maximize your investment with our equipment purchase options. Contact us for the best tour guide system price. We have on-site consultation available to help you with selection & setup.

Primary Tour Guide System Parts

For clear communication, you need to correctly install all your tour guide equipment parts. Each tour guide system is a little different, but most of them have the following components:

  • Transmitter – You need this to send your audio messages to other people. It takes information from the microphone and transmits it wirelessly to the listener’s receiver units.
  • Receiver – This part of the unit receives the data from the transmitter and sends it to the tour guide headset system or tour earphones to be heard by the user. Usually the receiver is in the earpiece or as a separate unit. Some receivers are carried on a belt.
  • Microphone – Handheld mics often come with tour guide systems for enhanced sound during presentations. Another option is to have it built-in to a tour headphones system as a hands-free option.
  • Headset or earphones – Worn on the head, this part of the system gets information from the receiver and plays the audio to the listener.
  • Charging stations – Since the equipment is portable, it relies on battery power. A charging station ensures equipment will always remain ready to use – especially for unscheduled, unplanned tours.
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How Tour Guide Equipment Enhances Speech and Listening

Different features of tour guide parts contribute to enhanced speech and listening. The following describes how the right communication system can make a difference.

For speakers – Tour Guide systems allow speakers to be heard clearly without having to shout. With this in mind, some systems enable guides to reach people at up to about 150 feet away, or even further with more advanced systems. Group leaders also can speak without interruption by participants or other sources. In addition, guides can hear themselves speak to confirm that their listeners will hear the message.

For listeners, using our listening technologies will be able to hear and understand messages from the speaker, over background noise, and in a clear format. Hearing becomes as easy as if they were standing only a few feet away from the presenter.

For both speakers and listeners – It allows for convenient interactions, especially during tour sessions or break announcements. If a speaker asks the listeners a question, the listeners will be able to respond clearly and articulately.

Features that Make a Successful Plant Tour

The compatibility of Tour Guide systems components makes set-up easy. In addition, the compactness of our plant tour guide systems makes carrying equipment less cumbersome. As a bonus, wireless equipment will prevent tripping and accidents. No attached cords also make moving from one room to the next simple.

Having a system that has 15 or more channels also helps you have successful plant visits. This will prevent interruption and cross talk by other groups.

Having a better way to talk and listen when giving tours will increase your chances of having a successful presentation. Easy to set up, our high-quality tour guide supplies will ensure you have a smooth tour without complication.

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The units we purchased are working great. We have just completed a system implementation at our Plant. We used them extensively during that two week period. While I was onsite I noticed that the Plant had also purchased several Plant-Tours.com radios/headsets and they were using them regularly. Thanks for working with us to deliver solutions that work across multiple locations in our company.

Prairie Farms

Very helpful in assisting us with our headset rental needs. From start to finish Plant-Tours made this a great experience.

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The headsets and Tour Guide sets worked great. The Tours were a big hit.

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The Plant-Tours team could not have been more helpful, from explaining product availability to demonstrating its use in our plant.

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A huge thank you again for all your help in getting our first order together in a rush for a big event this past week. Working with Plant Tours was phenomenal! Your passionate and knowledgeable service, immediate and thorough responses, and attention to detail made for a superb first-time ordering experience. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support. READ MORE

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On behalf of Siemens Corporate Communications, I would like express my sincere appreciation for the efforts of Darryl, Luke and the entire Plant-Tours staff. Darryl helped us coordinate all the logistical aspects our Partner Summit Interactive Event from the sales process to the successful execution of serving our 250+ participants.

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Very prompt delivery, fantastic job of being pro-active especially with the potential for weather issues. Never a disappointment dealing with Plant Tours.

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Plant-Tours is a great company to deal with. Professional folks with Professional equipment.

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We regularly rely on Plant-Tours.com and each experience is trouble free. The service is consistently great.

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Great job to you and team. The execution was flawless. Everyone loved the convenience of having the headsets.


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