PT-5350 All-in-one Guide Headset

NEW! PT-5350 Guide/Leader Headset. Behind-the head style for low to moderate noise facilities. (Compatible with hard-hats.) Soft Vinyl, on-the-ear Earpads for easy cleaning.

Our Revolutionary, New All-In-One Guide Headsets. Only Available at’s exclusive, all-in-one group leader headsets let your tour guides focus on their message and the reason for the tour.

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With features you won’t find anywhere else, we’ve covered all the bases with these lightweight versatile headsets:

  • Your event leaders hear their own voice without the need any additional headphones or receivers. One belt or pocket mounted receiver/transmitter handles everything.
  • No more extra receiver/headphone combo needed over your transmitter, eliminating the excessive weight and tangled, annoying cables on your head, neck and belt.
  • Your guides control their personal volume level, eliminating the need to shout to hear themselves.
  • External devices such as MP3 players, iPods, tablets and more can be integrated when coupled with the PT-5100 Guide Transmitter.
  • Your message is delivered with ease, comfort and confidence so that you can showcase your operation effectively.
  • These new headsets – found only at – are the ultimate in comfort and convenience for tour guides and leaders. We’ll gladly help you select the headset model that’s ideal for your tour type, audience and location. Customer service is our hallmark.


Allows your guides to clearly hear themselves speak, eliminating their urge to shout while delivering tour information to your guests.  And they can also hear the visitor questions in crisp stereo sound, eliminating annoying repetition of questions and expediting exchange of important information.

We’re confident you’ll be impressed by our four new, patented headsets, designed specifically with your industrial event requirements in mind. Available ONLY at

Jasper Engines:

Jasper Engines is the largest high-quality vehicle engine, transmission and other marine and automotive component remanufacturer in the U.S. with four facilities based in Jasper Indiana. Jasper hosted tours for years using an outdated and cumbersome system that was extremely trouble-prone. The running joke in the factory was: “a tour is not a tour unless the radios do not work”. They were in need of a reliable, compact, high quality solution to project a professional image and an efficient delivery of information to their guests and staff.

When Jasper approached regarding system replacement, they were familiar with our products based on another customer’s factory nearby which had successfully used a system. Jasper was interested in receiving the free Demo Kit to test in the facility and the customer was amazed at the plethora of products included for evaluation and excitedly began the review process. They also appreciated the immediate free shipping of the kit so they could proceed with the inspection.

Jasper has a robust tour program, taking place 10 months per year with customers flying in to walk the facility. Multiple guides are staffed and rotate with groups of 8-10 per tour, so multiple channels for concurrent tours are a necessity. They decided that the 1-Way PT-5350, with its patented all-in-one headset would be a perfect fit for their requirements. Typically, guides would have to wear both a head-worn microphone on top of a headphone in order to hear their own voice and not “over-speak” in a loud voice in order to hear themselves. The PT-5350 solved that problem in one compact, lightweight package.

Jasper ordered a large system with the PT-5100 transmitter and multiple 12 unit charging cases to easily allow each guide to transport the entire system to the location of the tour and guests. is happy to provide our customers with flexible offerings that meet their individual needs. We have both Rental Solutions and Purchasing Solutions for all of your tour guide system needs!

Renting a Tour Guide System

Our turn-key packages for groups of 5 to 1500 can be set up and arranged quickly and efficiently. A great option for occasional events

Purchasing a Tour Guide System

Maximize your investment with our equipment purchase options. On-site consultation available to help you with selection & setup

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