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Solutions for Workplace Social Distancing


We cover all the bases, from tour guide headset systems to tour guide equipment maintenance

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is highly advised by the CDC, especially in the workplace. Restrictions on the size of groups or gatherings are also recommended.

Office personnel are able to work from home, connected through emails, VPNs, and video conferencing. But not everyone can operate remotely.

The food/beverage, paper, healthcare products industries and other manufacturing companies require onsite production workers and boots-on-the-ground management staff.


Recently, Plant-Tours.com was contacted by Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles in search of a communication system that would allow the company to train new hire employees while complying with new Centers for Disease Control social distancing guidelines.

The company’s Detroit manufacturing facility is one of the largest of its kind and the scale of the operation created new challenges during the Covid-19 crisis. As the plant was preparing to re-open, the training managers had to develop a new format for their training activities. They have an expansive facility for this activity with high ceilings and required the distance between trainers and new hires to be maintained while ensuring that critical information was being clearly communicated. Multiple trainers would be staffed for these sessions, so the ability for the system to have ample channels to allow multiple concurrent classes to take place was integral to the activities.

The Plant-Tours.com Tour and Training Consultant offered to send a free Demo Kit to the customer to test in the training facility. After several weeks of extensive evaluation of all the products, the customer decided that the Meeting/Training 2-Way system was ideal for the application and placed the order for a 70 unit package. Included with the MT-350 headset for moderate noise areas and the MT-700 Transceivers for each of the participants. With the system, each new hire can clearly hear each trainer and is able to easily ask questions by simply pressing and in-line button. Everyone in the group can hear the questions and answers, no matter where they are positioned. The system offers user-friendly controls and rapid-charge MT-107 6 unit Charging Stations, ensuring that the system is always ready for training on all shifts.

The Plant-Tours.com Training system allows for full and comprehensive delivery of information, even when physical proximity is limited, for all training participants.

Inspections and monitoring are more critical now than ever. Gemba walks and on-floor staff meetings are still vital. Onsite training of new team members and retraining of existing production workers is even more crucial and necessary in the workplace.

The question is: How do you accomplish that effectively and efficiently, yet safely?

In fact, that’s been the number one query Plant-Tours.com Training and Tours Consultants are answering lately. Using a tour guide system comprised of headsets and transceivers/receivers for all sizes of group walkthroughs is the only way to communicate efficiently in noisy environments while still maintaining the recommended or mandated social distancing guidelines.

Here's how we can help you with workplace social distancing

  • Our proprietary communications equipment is built using digital technology. Your message comes across with crystal clear clarity.
  • We’ve always taken customer feedback seriously. We design, develop, and provide top quality, patented products with the manufacturing and industrial customer as our primary focus. You can rest assured the equipment will work perfectly for your unique challenges.
  • With a variety of styles and models, we have communication gear that fits comfortably and securely under your required PPE, such as hard hats or bump caps.
  • Groups of all sizes benefit from our multi-channel models. Several groups can tour at the same time, with no crosstalk interference.
  • Simple to use one-way and two-way communications system options are available.
  • Clean, sanitary equipment is essential to keeping your team safe in this crisis. Other vendors are struggling to find suitable products. We’ve been providing our exclusive PT-99 portable fungicide/virucide/disinfectant pump spray Sanitizing Stations (560 disposable wipes included) since day one, over 25 years ago. We’ve always made the health and safety of your team our top priority.
  • Our headset and headphone over-the-ear pads (not unsanitary earbuds) are made with 100% vinyl, nonporous coverings. This makes complete sanitizing easier and more thorough.
  • Not sure what you need? Request a free, pre-sanitized Demo Kit with various options to try before you rent or buy. And yes, we send additional sanitizing wipes with each Demo Kit so that you and your team can test worry-free.
  • Both purchase and rental options are available.

The COVID-19 crisis has presented you with some unique and difficult challenges. Here at Plant-Tours.com, we are here to help you stay safe, be productive and flatten the curve.

Thanks to you and the team at PlantTours. This was truly a team effort and a very easy process for me. I cannot get over the speed of how fast every step was completed. The commitment to customer satisfaction was clearly evident in everyone I communicated with.

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The units we purchased are working great. We have just completed a system implementation at our Plant. We used them extensively during that two week period. While I was onsite I noticed that the Plant had also purchased several Plant-Tours.com radios/headsets and they were using them regularly. Thanks for working with us to deliver solutions that work across multiple locations in our company.

Prairie Farms

Very helpful in assisting us with our headset rental needs. From start to finish Plant-Tours made this a great experience.

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The headsets and Tour Guide sets worked great. The Tours were a big hit.

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The Plant-Tours team could not have been more helpful, from explaining product availability to demonstrating its use in our plant.

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A huge thank you again for all your help in getting our first order together in a rush for a big event this past week. Working with Plant Tours was phenomenal! Your passionate and knowledgeable service, immediate and thorough responses, and attention to detail made for a superb first-time ordering experience. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support. READ MORE

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On behalf of Siemens Corporate Communications, I would like express my sincere appreciation for the efforts of Darryl, Luke and the entire Plant-Tours staff. Darryl helped us coordinate all the logistical aspects our Partner Summit Interactive Event from the sales process to the successful execution of serving our 250+ participants.

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Very prompt delivery, fantastic job of being pro-active especially with the potential for weather issues. Never a disappointment dealing with Plant Tours.

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Plant-Tours is a great company to deal with. Professional folks with Professional equipment.

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We regularly rely on Plant-Tours.com and each experience is trouble free. The service is consistently great.

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Great job to you and team. The execution was flawless. Everyone loved the convenience of having the headsets.


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