Wireless Tour Guide Systems

The success of your factory tour hinges on several factors. Clarity of message, completeness of information, and the competence of your staff are three of them.

However, your wireless tour guide system sets the "tone" for your event. No matter how important or clear your message is, if it's not heard... you've wasted both your time and the time of your attendees.

Don't let that happen.

Choosing The Best Tour Guide System

There are a lot of audio systems available. Many of them just aren't suitable for your unique needs. Some things to look for are:

  • Clear, crisp sound
  • Ease of use for both tour guides and attendees
  • Flexibility for handling various tour formats
  • Adequate transmitting range so everyone can hear
  • Ample battery run time
  • Ease of maintenance and storage, and
  • Ruggedness to withstand your environment

Using a Plant-Tours.com wireless tour guide system ensures you'll get all these necessary features... and more. Let's touch on a few of them here. The videos below will give you a more in-depth view of each of the three main components of a superior tour guide system.

First, you need crisp, high fidelity sound to broadcast your message to your attendees with crystal clear clarity. Plant-Tours tour guide systems use digital technology. This means you won't get interference from surrounding machinery or environments.

Secondly, you need ease of use... and Plant-Tours systems are extremely user-friendly, for both guides and attendees. You don't want to spend valuable event time instructing your guests how to use the equipment. For attendees, it's one simple rotary switch to turn on the unit and adjust the volume. You'll see that demonstrated in the transmitter & receiver video.

Don't worry... it's easy for your tour guides to master the Plant-Tours wireless tour guide system as well.

Here's a third benefit gained by using a Plant-Tours tour guide system: flexibility. You'll not only be able to design a system in which everyone interacts, but one where communication is more controlled if desired.

Finally, maintaining, storing, and transporting your Plant-Tours system couldn't be any easier. Watch the video about our EZ Charge Cases and you'll see why.

Before you plan your next factory tour, watch these videos, get some ideas of what's available for you, and then talk to one of our expert, professional sales consultants to select the customized system that's right for you.

PT-5000 Transmitters and PT-1000 Receivers

This video showcases the Plant-Tours PT-5000 transmitter and the PT-1000 receiver units. The PT-5000 is a transmitter and receiver in one, compact unit. The transmitter pairs with any of our exclusive headset styles.

Because the PT-5000 functions for both talking and listening, the wearer won't need to wear two components or have two sets of cords for hearing and speaking. And fewer wires means a less cumbersome (and less frustrating) experience.

Your tour guide can easily mute the microphone when needed. With just one touch, a private conversation is possible. And here's one of our unique features: an MP3 player, iPod, or other audio device can be plugged in for prerecorded content or when live audio isn't needed.

The PT-1000 receiver is just as comfortable and as simple to use. As mentioned, a single rotary dial gives your attendee complete control over the device. The PT-1000 works with any of our exclusive headphones, ensuring the correct hearing protection for your environment.

Do you conduct multiple, simultaneous tours? With 17 channels from which to choose, our wireless tour guide system eliminates any chance of crosstalk. Watch the video for more details.

PT 3000 and PT-5500 Microphones

In small groups — such as Gemba walks or intensive employee/staff training — each attendee can be outfitted with our PT-3000 and a boom mic headset. However, for tours with multiple guides, you need easy transfer for the communication to the group.

That's where our PT-5500 hand held, wireless microphone complements your wireless tour guide system. It's lightweight, easy to use, and is perfect for when the tour guide needs to hand off communications to another presenter or answer questions during the tour.

It's 17-channel capability ensures that its on the same frequency as your tour, even when multiple tours are running together. Its revolutionary design is the perfect addition to your system.

EZ Charge Cases

Nobody runs factory tours 24/7. That means you need a way to store, protect, and recharge your units. Our EZ Charge cases are the perfect means of doing just that.

Available in 12-, 20-, and 30-unit capacities, these hard shell suitcase style cases not only protect your investment, but keep the units charged as well.

They work with both the PT-5000 transmitter and the PT-1000 receiver. The PT-5500 wireless microphone stores and charges in the EZ Charge case as well.

Plant-Tours.com wireless tour guide systems. The only choice for effective, crystal clear communication during factory tours. If you have any questions, we are happy to discuss your needs.

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