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How to Facilitate Effective Communication While Social Distancing

Businesses have had to make a rapid shift to stay afloat during the pandemic. While social distancing protocols have done an effective job of stemming the virus’s spread, it has also significantly impacted many businesses’ profitability. Workplaces have had to deal with unprecedented, completely novel challenges that the world hasn’t seen in many decades.

To stay productive and ensure that your business continues raking in profits, you’ll have to find a way to communicate with each other clearly and effectively while respecting social distancing guidelines. As employees must be at least two meters apart, this presents a unique issue that requires equally innovative solutions. Fortunately, a wireless tour guide system can help you with that.

How Tour Guide Solutions Can Help

Although you may associate factory tour headsets with arranged group tours through facilities and museums, you can use them for many other purposes. You can use them for one-to-one job training for new hires at a time of increased absences. You can also use them for management meetings or walk-throughs in noisy environments. If your company wants to host a question or answer session or open discussions with your staff, then using a wireless tour guide system is the perfect solution. 

Another advantage of the setup is that your tour group can range from two to 2,000 people. You can also comfortably use it for multiple groups that operate within the same environment at the same time. 

The Types of Wireless Tour Guide Systems

There are two types of wireless tour guide systems you can use: one-way and two-way. As explained in the name, a one-way tour guide system means that the presenter can address a group of people, but the audience cannot respond. This setup is ideal for live translations, conferences, and other similar arrangements where only the presenters need to talk. 

Meanwhile, the two-way system permits both the tour operator and group members to communicate. The presenter will have a two-way transmitter, while the group members will have a two-way receiver, which will effectively transmit the audio over distances. Whether you’re hoping to have a training session outdoors or a noisy shop floor, both parties will hear each other without interruption. The tour group can also ask questions immediately without worrying about being understood correctly. 

Factory Tour Headsets For All Your Business Needs

Your business must stay open to make sure that none of your staff get laid off. Fortunately, factory tour headsets solve much of your communication problems at the workplace, especially if you struggle with finding a good cellphone signal or internet connection to transmit your messages. 

Continuing business operations is fortunately possible with wireless tour guide audio systems. Whether you need to train staff in laboratories, factories, or even office areas, you’ll have a much more productive time using factory tour headsets. It’s also a non-disruptive yet cost-effective way to address your communication needs, as it’s flexible enough to adjust to virtually any situation.


Maintaining a clear and effective communication line with your staff is crucial to staying in business, especially during economic hardship. Although life is slowly transitioning to a new routine, companies will still have to take precautions to ensure everyone complies with social distancing. Thankfully, you won’t have to sacrifice productivity to stay afloat; with tour guide solutions, you can facilitate effective communication while social distancing.

Plant-Tours offers wireless tour guide systems for businesses of all kinds. We rent and sell tour communication equipment that you can use for staff training sessions, floor walks, customer tours, and many more. Get in touch with us today for a free demo!

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