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How Does a Tour Guide System Work?

If you are giving plant tours or conducting a manufacturing training frequently you understand the potential issues you may face. When giving guided tours in noisy environments groups of people sometimes struggle to hear the audio guide presenter’s talk over the varying levels of background noise that you encounter. Many plant managers, EH&S managers and HR personnel don’t realize that there is a solution that can help overcome this obstacle. By using a Plant Tours communication system you can greatly improve your sound quality during your audio tour. This will increase the professionalism of your plant tours as well as the satisfaction of your tour group.

What is a tour guide system? It is a communication system that includes a headset with a built in microphone or handheld microphone that transmits audio of the speaker’s voice through a transmitter to a receiver that receives the audio signal and allows it to be heard through another set of headphones. Tour guide systems are available in both one-way systems (primarily used in large group tours) and two-way systems (primarily used during training and smaller group tours that promote interactivity).

A training or tour guide system generally consists of the following:

Transmitter – You need this to allow other people to hear your voice. A user speaks into a microphone and transmits it wirelessly to the listener’s earphone or headphone.

Receiver – This part of the unit receives the voice from the person using the transmitter and allows it to be heard through the headphone by the other user. Some receivers include a belt clip for portability and ease of use.

Microphone – Handheld mics often come with tour guide systems generally for Q&A sessions and information delivery during tour stops. Another option is to have a head worn microphone as a hands-free option.

Headset or earphone – Allows the listener to hear the voice of other participants including tour guides & trainers.

Charging cases and stations – Since the equipment is portable, it relies on rechargeable batteries. A charging station ensures equipment will always have the battery life it needs to perform – especially for unscheduled, unplanned tours. Suitcase style storage units act as a way to transport your tour guide system as well as a charger for the batteries. All equipment is rechargeable and available in multiple unit sizes.

A Plant Tours’ communication system provides tour group members with high quality sound through its proprietary audio technology. Easy to set up as well as durable for rugged conditions, the headsets connect to a transceiver, transmitter or receiver to ensure there will be clarity of sound during factory tours. While you may be intrigued with offerings from companies such as Digi-Wave or even a wireless headset from Sennheiser, be aware that a wireless tour guide system commonly experiences issues related to audio quality. This problem occurs due to there being no cord ensuring a stable connection. A wireless headset connects to a wireless transmitter, bodypack transmitters and wireless receivers over mhz bands. If there is interference over the mhz bands this could break down communication between a group of people and lead to communication problems during your plant tour or training. This can happen regardless of the mhz frequency. While wireless communication sounds ideal and being hands-free can be in many applications, it is not optimal during factory tours where the background noise can disrupt the technology.

Tour guide communication systems have many applications. Factory tours, plant tours, college and university tours, assistive listening in houses of worship, audio description services for the visually impaired, and translation services just to name a few. An example of this would be renting a headset communication system for an international conference. For guests who speak multiple languages this would provide language interpretation through simultaneous translation which is available in select communication systems. The tour guide system would be easy to use for the guest since it is simple to set up. The headset connects to a lightweight receiver or transceiver that may even be able to attach to the conference lanyard. Volume control on the receiver is easily adjusted to the user’s preference and since the audio is fully managed by the communication system there is no need to connect to the conference wi-fi. The audio devices are charged through a rechargeable battery or a lithium battery therefore will have plenty of power to make it through a day at the conference. The simultaneous interpretation of the audio messages will greatly improve the experience for all guests regardless of their language preference.

Tour guide systems are very effective in increasing the quality of your tours and training. This is especially true in areas with high background noise or where distancing requirements are required. In factories, plants, manufacturing facilities and warehouses the systems help presenters amplify their message without straining their voices and help participants hear every word clearly without interference. The noise reduction capabilities of the headsets allow training and tour groups to hear safety alerts and other important sounds like forklifts while providing crystal clear sound for all users. These are just a few of the benefits that tour guide systems offer that will take your tours and training to the next level.