Plant Tour Premier vs TGS-900 Tour Guide System

When choosing a tour communications system for an industrial setting, you need a high-quality system that is durable and easy to use. The right system should make your trainers, managers, and tour guides look good and allow them to focus on making your facility look sharp. We hope this comparative Plant Tour Premier vs. TGS-900 review helps you choose well.

Plant Tour Premier vs TGS-900 Review

Sound Quality

The first question most people ask is whether the system sounds good, so we will start our TGS-900 review with a comparison of the sound quality.

The Plant tour Premier has excellent sound quality. Our customers appreciate the crisp, clear sound. Quality sound projects an image of confidence and professionalism.

In comparison, the TGS-900 sound quality is poor to fair. it is just a cheaper piece of equipment.

Durability and Build

The Plant Tour Premier was designed and manufactured for manufacturing and industrial use. The casing is made from hard, impact-resistant plastic. There is a double coating to protect your device from daily wear and tear and to resist showing scratches and dings. It stays sharp looking for years to come.

The build is robust and durable making it suitable for industrial facilities.

The TGS-900 looks and feels a little like a toy rather than a piece of industrial equipment. It isn’t likely to last very long especially if it is dropped or over-used.

Headphone Choices

Most people are very particular about the headphones they use for entertainment and personal use. When it comes to industrial tours, the choice of headphones is even more important.

Plant Tour invented, patented, and manufactured six different models of headsets. All six were designed for manufacturing and industrial tours and training.

The TGS-900 review only offers one headphone choice that fits in the ear canal. This is inappropriate for use in manufacturing facilities since situational awareness is so essential to everyone’s safety.

Special All-Inclusive Tour Leader Headset

Plant Tours invented a specialty headset for tour leaders that includes a microphone that plugs into the transmitter. This allows the guide to hear himself or herself speak so they can speak calmly without feeling the need to shout in a noisy environment.

Plant Tours has four choices for tour guide headsets to suit a range of preferences and industrial settings. The padded vinyl ear seals are easy to clean and comfortable.

The TGS-900 system doesn’t include the option of a dedicated tour leader headset. If the leader wants to hear themselves, they need to wear two different devices including a microphone and transmitter and headphones with a receiver. This is bulky, awkward, and uncomfortable so many don’t bother. Unfortunately, tour leaders who cannot hear themselves tend to unintentionally yell which doesn’t present a calm, competent image.

Noise Level Reduction Capacity

TGS-900’s noise reduction capacity works well when the noise level is low. It may work well for a tour guide in a library or museum but is not robust enough for a working manufacturing facility, warehouse, or another industrial site.

Plant Tours Premier system is designed specifically for industrial tour and training needs. In fact, that’s all we do. Our system’s noise reduction capacity covers low, medium, and higher noise levels. If you offer training or tours in a higher noise facility, then you will prefer Plant Tour’s noise level reduction capacity.

Microphone Choices

Plant tours offer choices between handheld, handsfree, and a combination of both. For the best training and tour experience, it helps to have a couple of microphone options on hand.

The hands-free microphones are easy to use and perfect for question and answer sessions. They also work well if a manager or CEO stops by to say hello or if your tour features multiple presenters stationed in different locations on the tour. With so many options, it is easier than ever to plan a professional tour that would impress prospective investors, executives, and trainees.

The TGS-900 system only includes a headset style microphone. Without an easy-to-use handheld microphone, it is harder to accommodate interactive Q and A sessions or “surprise” guest presenters.

User Friendly

The TGS-900 system is not intuitive and it can be confusing to figure out how to get it to work. There are multiple function buttons. Most people would need a training session to learn to use this system which makes it difficult for more interactive sessions.

The Plant Tour system is designed to be easy so tour guides and trainers just focus on their presentation and the audience. Simply turn it on and go!

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Both systems are easy to maintain. However, cleaning is a different issue. The TGS-900 includes foam earpads which are unhygienic and also less durable. The Plant Tour Premier system has vinyl earpads that are easy to clean using the sanitizing wipes that come with each system rental or purchase.

The Plant Tours systems sanitation station makes it super easy to clean each unit before and after each use. We included our Sanitation Station with every sales or rental since day one. We always considered sanitation a critical and important safety and important protocol for our customers.

Other Technical Features and Specifications

  • The TGS-900 is a lanyard-based system which is a hazard in a manufacturing facility. Your guests will walk around the plant with something dangling off their necks. Your risk management and safety team would be much happier with the Plant Tours Premier belt clip system which is a much safer way to wear the device.
  • The TGS-900 has capacity for six channels while the Plant Tours has capacity for 17 channels. This means that there can be up to 17 different tours going on at the same time in your facility. If smaller tour groups work better for you, this is a more practical option with so many channels.
  • Charging options are often overlooked. The TGS-900 only offers a charging tray that is not portable. Plant tours offer choices of portable charging cases with the capacity to charge 12, 20, or 30 units. The 30-unit model comes with a retractable handle and wheels for easy transport.
  • Both systems have a great battery run time of 15 hours and a 5-year warranty.

For a side-by-side comparison, you can download our “Compare One-Way Systems: Plant Tours Premier to TGS-900 Review” guide below:

tgs-900 review

Our Verdict

We hope this comparative Plant Tours Premier vs. TGS 900 review makes choosing the best industrial tour easier. If you are looking for a durable, flexible, intuitive, and high-quality system then look no further than Plant-Tours. Contact us today for more information and a custom bid based on your needs.


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