Plant Tour Premier vs ListenTALK Tour Guide System

When it comes to offering tours and training sessions in an industrial or manufacturing facility, you need a powerful communication system. Sometimes people ask for a Plant Tour Premiere vs. ListenTALK review specific to industrial applications.

We hope this comparative Plant Tour Premiere vs. ListenTALK review makes it easier for you to make the best choice for your needs. To make it easier we offer a comparison of each product’s features and specifications.

Plant Tour Premier vs ListenTALK Review

Sound Quality

Quite understandably, the first thing many people ask us about is sound quality. So this is where we will start our comparative Plant Tour Premier vs. ListenTALK review.

Plant Tour provides clean crisp tones that our customers like. The clear sound projects a professional, high-quality image whether you are giving a tour to potential investors, prospective clients, trainees, or members of the public.

Plant Tour Premier offers the excellent sound quality, while ListenTalk’s quality is just good.

Durability and Build

The next difference is obvious to anyone who holds both devices from both systems in their hands. You will notice the Plant Tour’s device just feels durable and sturdy. In comparison, Plant Tour’s device is very light and almost difficult to handle.

Plant Tour’s cases are made from a specially engineered hard plastic with an additional coating to offer protection and resist scratches. When you need communication for a plant or manufacturing facility, you need a robust and sturdy device that works as hard as our team.

Headphone Choices

If you are like a lot of people, you use headphones regularly. These days everyone is picky about the fit, comfort, and quality of their headphones. In a manufacturing or industrial setting, the right headphones are even more crucial than they are when relaxing with music.

Plant Tour invented, patented, and manufactured six different headsets. All six were designed for manufacturing and industrial use cases.

ListenTALK also offers six choices, but unfortunately, four of the styles are not appropriate for industrial settings. In other words, they offer two choices that may be suitable in comparison to the six appropriate options offered by Plant Tours.

All-In-One Headset for Tour Leaders

Plant Tours invented an exclusive tour leader’s headset. These are special headsets that the guide or leader wears while speaking to the group.

The all-in-one solution includes a microphone and that plugs into the transmitter. This allows the guide to hear himself or herself speak so they can speak calmly without shouting in a high noise environment.

With ListenTalk you don’t have a tour leader headset. If a guide wishes to hear himself or herself speak, then they must wear both the transmitter headset and also a receiver and headphone. That means the tour guide must deal with twice the wires, twice the items, and annoying headset and transmitter combination.

Noise Level Reduction Capacity

If you need a tour and training system for a factory, plant, or manufacturing facility then chances are we are talking about a noisy environment. You don’t need a system that is suitable for a tour guide in a museum, which frankly is somewhat true of the ListenTALK system. ListenTALK’s noise reduction capacity suits low-to-medium noise levels.

Plant Tour’s system covers all noise levels including low, medium, and higher noise levels. If you offer training or tours in a higher noise facility, then you will prefer Plant Tour’s noise level reduction capacity.

Microphone Choices

If you want that clear, crisp sound then you also need to compare the microphone choices. Different mics suit various situations.

As mentioned, all of our microphones contribute to excellent sound quality. Where we shine is the microphones we offer for specific applications that make your tour and training team look and sound great.

The all-in-one tour guide headset is one example of where Plant Tours excels. Besides, we also offer handheld microphones.

A handheld microphone opens up options. It is ideal for a question and answers segments of your tour, Gemba Walk, demonstration, or training session. You can also station different presenters at different tour stops and each presenter can just grab a microphone, push the button, and speak with confidence.

ListenTALK’s microphones are just the headset’s built-in microphone, so those users miss out on a nice feature that most of our customers appreciate.

Also, ListenTalk’s system involves a multi-step, complicated process. Correct use requires advanced training. Imagine how a presenter who isn’t experienced with the tour communication system would look if they fumble with the system while on the floor! Sometimes in this situation, a presenter might remove their equipment and try yelling loud enough to be heard. Now imagine how much more professional it would look if that presenter simply was handed a handheld microphone so they can focus on presenting the information instead of the audio technology.

User Friendly

We already touched on how user-friendly Plant Tours systems are. We made every effort to manufacture a system that is ergonomically friendly for the user. There’s no need for instructions, you simply push the button to turn the unit on then it is constantly on.

In comparison, ListenTALK is not as simple to operate. Many find that it is extremely complex and extremely difficult to understand and operate. It would require approximately a 30-minute instructional class to learn how to use it well.

The ListenTalk system is surprisingly non- intuitive. In so many cases you even have to bump radios for them to be able to work with one another. There is a protocol that must be followed which is a problem when there is a situation where presenters typically do not have time to learn what the protocol is to speak. It is over-engineered and it is not appropriate for manufacturing and industrial tour and training activities.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Both systems are easy to wipe clean. Plant Tours systems come with a sanitation station to make it super easy to clean each unit before and after each use.

We included our Sanitation Station with every sales or rental since day one. We always considered sanitation a critical and important safety and important protocol for our customers.
So far, ListenTALK has not found it essential to include a sanitation system.

Other Technical Features and Specifications

Here is a side-by-side comparison of some of the other specifications:

  • The number of channels: PlantTour radios have 17 channels, while ListenTALK has 10 channels. With a Plant Tour radio, a facility may offer up to 17 different tours in one general area at the same time.
  • Battery run time: Plant Tour devices run for 15 hours while ListenTALK runs for 8 hours.
  • Comfort and Ease: Plant Tour is easy to wear on a safe and sturdy belt clip. ListenTALK uses a lanyard. A lanyard is potentially unsafe in industrial and factory situations since it can wrap around a neck or get caught on something. It is fine for a tour guide in a museum but inappropriate in an industrial setting.
  • Warranty: Both systems come with a five-year warranty.
  • Charging Options: Depending on your needs, Plant Tours offers three sizes of charging cases with the capacity to charge 12, 20, or 30 units. ListenTALK offers a tabletop charging tray that charges 16 units. PlatnTour’s cases are fully enclosed and can travel. The 30 unit charger comes with a retractable handle and wheels to make it easy to move.

For a side-by-side comparison, you can download our “Compare One-Way Systems: Plant Tours Premier to ListenTalk” guide below:

listentalk review

Our Verdict

We hope you found this Plant Tour Premier vs. ListenTALK review helpful. If you are looking for a durable, high-quality professional system, look no further than Plant-Tours Premier. Contact us today to get a custom quote and to learn how our system meets your industrial needs.


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