Plant Tour Premier vs Sennheiser Tour Guide System

When choosing a tour communication system for an industrial setting you need equipment that works as hard as your team. We hope this comparative Plant Tour premier vs. Sennheiser review makes the choice a little easier.

This guide will walk you through a comparison of the two brands. Keep in mind that plant Tours is specifically designed for use in industrial and manufacturing settings. When you read the Sennheiser review, you may notice that the system isn’t specifically designed for the unique needs of industrial tours.

Plant Tour Premier vs Sennheiser Review

Sound Quality

Sound quality is the first concern most have when shopping for a system.
The Sennheiser tour guide system has very good sound quality. This is actually one of that system’s biggest strengths.

Plant Tour’s sound quality is excellent especially compared to other systems when used in industrial settings. Customers appreciate the crisp and clear sound quality.

Durability and Build

When training or touring industrial settings, eventually someone drops something at some point. You need a radio with a durable build if you want it to last for years.

Plant Tour premier’s hardshell case is robust and sturdy. It even has an additional coating which keeps it looking great while it resists scratches from normal use.

Sennheiser is extremely fragile and easily broken. The design is like a stethoscope made from thin, flexible plastic. The user plugs earbuds into their ear canals and the radio dangles from the plastic coming out of the ear canals. This stethoscope design isn’t durable enough for industrial purposes.

Headphone Choices

The Sennheiser tour Guide System only comes with one headphone choice. Unfortunately, this headset fits directly in both ear canals. Earlier we mentioned the fragile build, but it is also unsanitary especially if you have new guests coming through regularly and they share the headsets.

The Plant Tour Premier system offers exclusive options. Plant Tour invented, patented, and manufactured each of the headsets for manufacturing and industrial use.

All-In-One Headset for Tour Leaders

Plant Tours invented an exclusive tour leader’s headset. There are four options to choose from for tour guides.

The all-in-one solution includes a microphone and that plugs into the transmitter allowing the tour guide to wear just one device yet hear himself or herself speak. The result is a tour guide who speaks with their normal voice instead of shouting. Each user can adjust the volume to suit their own needs.

With the Sennheiser system, there isn’t an all-inclusive headset. If a tour guide wants to hear herself or himself, this guide would need to wear two devices. The headset is the unusual stethoscope attached to earbuds inserted into the ear canal. The transmitter and microphone would need to somehow fit around the internal earphones. This would be awkward and unwieldy.

Noise Level Reduction Capacity

The Sennheiser works well in low noise situations. The earbuds penetrate both ear canals and may block external sounds. In a warehouse, factory, or another industrial facility you would not want guests touring who could not hear a forklift or other warning signals.

Plant Tour’s system offers noise level reduction covering five noise levels. The headphones fit over the ears rather than penetrating the ear canal for better safety and comfort. If you offer training or tours in a higher noise facility, then you will prefer Plant Tour’s noise level reduction capacity.

Microphone Choices

If you want that clear, crisp sound then the microphone is important.

Plan Tour microphones contribute to excellent sound quality. Choices include hands-free, handheld, or a combination of both.

Handheld microphones make it easy to include interactive elements like Q and A sessions, quizzes, games, or surprise guests in your training session, tour, or presentation. You can also station different presenters at different tour stops and each presenter can just grab a microphone, push the button, and speak with confidence.

The Sennheiser system offers a choice between a bulky handheld microphone or a hands-free option. A Q and A session might feel a little more cumbersome if a guide is passing a bulky handheld microphone among guests.

User Friendly

Both systems seem to be user friendly.

The main concern with the Sennheiser Tour Guide System is the fact that the system hangs from the ears. Within 10-15 minutes the weight of the radio can start to feel uncomfortable making the device suitable only for shorter duration tours in quiet facilities.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Both Plant Tour Premier is easy to maintain, but the Sennheiser Tour Guide System is fragile and delicate so you would want to handle it with care when charging it and storing it. It also seems difficult to clean with the in-ear design and all the crevices.

The Plant Tour Premier system is easy to clean as the all vinyl ear case fits over the ear rather than inside of the canal.

Each system rented or sold by Plant Tours comes with a sanitation station to make it super easy to clean each unit before and after each use. We included our Sanitation Station with every sales or rental since day one. We always considered sanitation a critical and important safety and important protocol for our customers.

Other Technical Features and Specifications

Here is a side-by-side comparison of some of the other specifications:

  • The number of channels: PlantTour radios have 17 channels, while Sennheiser has just 6 channels. With a Plant Tour radio system, a facility may offer up to 17 different tours in one general area at the same time.
  • Battery run time: Plant Tour devices run for 15 hours while Sennheiser runs for 8 hours.
  • Comfort and Ease: Plant Tour is easy to wear on a safe and sturdy belt clip. Sennheiser uses an unusual style that is like a stethoscope with the radio dangling from the end of the thin plastic tubing. The weight of the device hands from the user’s ears since the earphones insert into both ear canals.
  • Warranty: Plant Tour offers a 5-year warranty while Sennheiser offers a 2-year warranty.
  • Charging Options: Depending on your needs, Plant Tours offers three sizes of charging cases with the capacity to charge 12, 20, or 30 units. Plant Tours cases are fully enclosed and can travel. The largest charger comes with a retractable handle and wheels to make it easy to move. Sennheiser charging options are more limited with a 20-unit charging case.

For a side-by-side comparison, you can download our “Compare One-Way Systems: Plant Tours Premier to Sennheiser Review” guide below:

download our guide

Our Verdict: Plant Tour Premier vs Sennheiser Review

We hope you found this Plant Tour Premier vs. Sennheiser review helpful. If you are looking for a durable, high-quality professional system, look no further than Plant-Tours Premier.


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