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5 Reasons Why You Need a Tour Guide Communication System in Your Workplace

Sometimes manufacturers ask – What is a tour guide communication system, and do I need one?

At Plant-Tours.com, we manufacture and sell one-way and two-way communication systems specially designed to meet the needs of industrial and manufacturing facilities. Of course, our tour guide systems also work for other events and commercial situations. Any business, school, training facility, or museum may benefit from a durable and easy-to-use tour guide system. 

We offer sales or rental plans complete with a convenient sanitation and hygiene station. This makes it easy to clean the equipment between tours to prevent cross-contamination. 

Five Reasons Why You Need a Tour Guide Communication System

The options of how to use a tour guide communication system are limited only by your imagination. However, we hope this list of five popular use cases helps you determine whether such a system is a good investment for your needs. 

1. Impress Investors and Stakeholders

It is easier than ever to give a confident and professional tour to investors, stakeholders, school classes and members of the public. Our systems are easy to use and easy to clean between tours.

The tour guide speaks at their normal volume into a microphone. When people have to yell to be heard, it strains the voice and also results in a loss in confidence. The ability to use one’s natural voice allows for subtle vocal articulations resulting in a more engaging talk.

Each participant can adjust their volume to a level that is pleasant for them. In noisy manufacturing environments, this is golden. Best of all, social distancing is still possible since everyone can speak or be heard clearly. Some systems have a handheld microphone for Q and A sessions. Instead of worrying about safety and technical issues, your tour guide can focus on sharing engaging information and stories. 

2. Safely Train Your Team to Thrive and Excel

Training is another popular use for both the one-way and two-way systems. Your HR administrator, supervisor or trainer will seem like a polished tour guide. 

Trainees can maintain the recommended six feet of distance and still hear the trainer. A two-way system enables discussions, questions and answers. 

It is easier to take the training out of the conference room and into every space in your factory or industrial facility. Your trainees will better understand the content when they can see for themselves first-hand what the trainer described. 

If you manage training for an industrial facility, chances are your trainees and team are doers who like to see things first hand. They are likely to be much more engaged on the floor than sitting in a training room. 

3. Easier Daily Walkthroughs and Walking Meetings

If your management culture involves daily (or weekly) walkthroughs, where more than one person participates, then a tour guide system makes it a breeze to communicate on the go. 

It is even more helpful if you are socially distancing yourself from colleagues because each of you can be more than six feet apart, but it will sound like you are right next to each other. 

Whether you follow a Gemba walk method or just have informal walking meetings, a communication system makes it effortless and efficient. 

Office staff appreciates a chance to see first-hand what is happening on the floor and to get up from their desks. Walking meetings can be a great way to promote wellbeing without losing efficiency. A walking meeting is even better if everyone can hear each other clearly. 

4. Impress Potential Clients or Customers

If plant tours are part of your sales or business development strategy, then you are in luck. A tour guide communication system allows you to make your tours feel a little more like a moving TED talk and a little less like a boring sales tour. 

Since the guide can just speak normally, they have their full vocal range for more engaging and dynamic presentations. The push to talk features makes your guide seem like a rockstar tour guide. Some systems even allow you to invite some of your team to do mini presentations using a hand-held microphone for a more dynamic presentation. 

Best of all, each guest can hear perfectly, even in noisy environments. Your guests can socially distance without the frustration of missing out parts of the presentation. 

Training centers, colleges, and schools benefit from using a tour guide system to show prospective students around while sharing engaging presentations. 

If your workplace offers tours to prospects, an easy-to-use system empowers your team to show off your unique features without getting distracted by complicated systems. 

5. Make Continuous Improvement a Breeze

A two-way tour guide communication system is not just for tours. Manufacturers who strive for continuous improvement benefit from regular walk-through evaluations, meetings, or observational tours. The system makes it easier for everyone to hear and be heard while focusing on streamlining and improving your process. 

Whether your continuous improvement strategy involves managers, board members, consultants, or floor staff, a push to talk communication system makes it easier for them to collaborate. Visiting specific areas of your facility means they don’t need to rely on memory or abstract descriptions. 

Bonus: Any Other Situation Where You Want to Show-off Your Workplace!

Some cheaper tour guide communication systems are designed for quiet settings like libraries or museums. They may work fine if that is the case. 

Plane-Tours.com offers durable and easy to use systems originally designed for noisy industrial citations. They still work wonderfully in a museum. If your tour includes busy or fast-paced environments, your guests can hear the guide without distractions. 

How to Choose the right Communication System for Your Needs

If you need a new tour guide communication system or an upgrade, you are in good hands with Plant-Tours.com. Our consultants can help you choose the best system for your business needs. Contact us today to find the best system for your workplace!

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