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Do You Need Tour Headsets for Factories? Yes, Learn Why Today

If you’re already giving factory tours, you probably believe you have all things figured out. You know the best route to take and how to show off the finer sides of your business. You know what it takes to educate your visitors and what kinds of questions they are likely to ask. And yet, with everything you have ironed out, there still might be one important piece you’re missing: a headset. You might not realize it now, but chances are you absolutely need a headset. Unless you’re giving small tours of an intimate office setting, a headset will completely transform your ability to provide a comfortable, easy to follow tour. Here are what tour headsets for factories can do for you.

Why You Should Opt for Tour Headsets for Factories?

Here are some good reasons why you should go with tour headsets for factories to give a plant tour:

Save Your Voice

Giving more than one tour a day can do a number on your voice. It can leave your voice dry and scratchy. Even if you only give one tour a day (or occasionally), a long tour will have the same results on your throat. You can avoid this kind of issue by using a headset and speaker attachment. This allows your voice to be projected without you raising the level of your voice. The headset makes it possible for you to talk at a conversational tone, and then the attached speaker system will produce your audio.

In louder settings, you can pair headphones worn by your guests with your headset. This way, when you talk, your voice will be played directly in your guests’ ears. The setup is especially beneficial if you give tours in a loud setting. You likely had to raise your voice in a louder factory setting, almost to a yell constantly. This can take a lot out of you. Well, that will no longer be an issue with a new headset.

Improve Your Guests Ability To Hear

The entire purpose of your tour is to educate guests. If your guests have a hard time hearing what you’re saying, it is all for not. You need to ensure your guests are always able to listen to what you’re saying. This way, you won’t need to constantly repeat yourself or wonder if your guests can hear you.

The best way to do this is with the headphone and headset configuration. This way, every guest will have headsets worn, allowing them to hear what you’re saying. Additionally, if guests have headphones on, they are less likely to talk with other guests, distracting them while you’re giving the tour. It can be a challenge to give a tour if guests are constantly talking (chances are you’ve had your share of these kinds of tours). The headsets will reduce this.

Interpretation Tours

There might be a time where you give tours of your factor to individuals who do not natively speak your language. If they are more comfortable with interpreters, all of this is possible with a headset tour.

There are two interpretation methods available to you. The first is if the individual arrived with their own interpreter. Should this be the case, the interpreter will have their own microphone, and the guest will have a headset that is tuned into the interpreters’ microphone (you can have it, so they still hear what you say, only your volume is turned down, so the interpreters’ volume is easier to hear). The interpreter will have a headset that allows them to hear what you’re saying, and then, as you go along, they can interpret the tour. All of this makes it possible for anyone and everyone to hear what you’re trying to communicate.

The other option you might want to consider is if you have a popular tour given in multiple languages, you can have the interpreters located away from the group (such as in an office above the factory floor). They will wear a headset that plays what you, the tour guide is saying, and they will then speak into a microphone and interpret it for you. This kind of setup is very helpful if you give tours to a large group of people, and there isn’t enough room for the interpreters to be walking around with you. It’s also helpful if you will have several languages being interpreted simultaneously, and you want to avoid any confusion with multiple interpreters walking around. In quiet environments, this can be a bit distracting for those who are visiting and taking in the tour as numerous people speak at the same time.

It comes down to your preference, but having these headphones and headsets does give you additional flexibility whenever you’re giving a tour, regardless of who is in the tour audience.

Order Your Tour Headsets Today

A tour headset can completely transform the way you give factory tours. It makes it easier to project your voice for your listeners and guests. You can avoid raising your voice, which in turn will help save your voice, especially if you’re giving multiple tours every day. And if you have any kind of background noise in your factory (which you probably do), the headset will make it that much easier for your guests to hear. This small piece of technology is enough to take your guided tours to the next level fully. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, nor how long you’ve been in business for, it is an option that will make your tours that much easier, for both you and the visiting guests.

So, if you’ve been looking for ways to improve upon your current factory tours, now is the time to order your tour headsets. Or customer service staff will help walk you through the ordering process and educate you on the different headsets, answering all questions you might have. Give us a call or send us an email today. We can’t wait to help you improve your entire factory tour experience.