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pt-200 headset


New and revolutionary 14 NRR headphone designed for high noise environments. The PT-200 provides one-of-a kind benefits: comfortable and lightweight (10 oz) with sleek and trim styling for appealing appearance and rugged durability.


The Portlands Energy Centre is a 550-megawatt natural gas electrical generating station in Toronto, Ontario. It is located in the Port Lands area of the Toronto waterfront, and Plant-Tours.com services them for their annual Open Doors Toronto Tours in May. Portlands Energy Centre created the event to be able to host tours of 80 people in each tour, which they rotate in and out throughout the day. The tours are an extremely popular event, so they move through the agenda quickly and staff presenters on site that can also offer additional information at the multiple tour stop stations. The tour guides lead 14 people in each group, and they facilitate eight groups touring in each time block.

Plant-Tours.com has uniformed and friendly Tour Consultants onsite in Toronto to handle the event for Portlands Energy Centre staff. Plant-Tours.com handles all the setup and distribution of the devices to each member of every group. It is a high noise facility, and hardhats with other PPE are required, so the customer chose the PT-200. The PT-200 is a component of the One-Way, Premier System designed primarily for information delivery, but because they host smaller groups sizes, they wanted to allow the guests to easily ask questions and receive answers from the tour guides and presenters. At the same time, for safety concerns, they need to be able to control the groups’ movements and limit the Q&A because of the time allotted. The tours proceed all day, and Plant-Tours.com has provided the full-service tour guide systems service for the Open Doors tour event for many years. Our Tour Consultants monitor the groups as they walk and tour through the facility throughout the event. The tour guides also use our All-In-One Guide headset, which allows them to hear themselves speak, so they’re not shouting over the noise and are able to speak in a normal tone, and everyone in the group can clearly hear every word-in crisp, clear stereo sound.

Plant-Tours.com’s Premier Tour Guide System relieves the fatigue on the part of all the tour guides and presenters. Since they do not have to shout at the visitors, it’s a comfortable and professionally presented tour for everyone in a very high noise industrial environment. Because our Tour Consultants are onsite and on the ground in Toronto, Plant-Tours.com makes it convenient for the tour guides and visitors. Our Tour Consultants quickly collect, sanitize, and then redistribute the receivers and the headphones to each of the visitors as they come through on the tour day.

At the end of the day, when the last tour is complete, and all the visitors have been toured through the facility, our Tour Consultants collect all the equipment from them, then pack up all the equipment and remove the entire system from the facility. So, no matter where the plant is in North America, we have people there to manage the entire process, so our customers don’t have to.

We’re the only company in the world that does this. And we’ve been managing tour events for over 25 years. We have a very deep bench of experienced hospitality professionals who know how to manage and distribute equipment in a fast-paced environment with friendly and efficient courtesy. We only employ and train experienced experts who know exactly what they’re doing. There can be no mistakes, and we know that there are plenty of inexperienced amateurs pretending to have the experience, only to fumble away and ruin the customer’s critically important event. Tours are a serious business. We’re the professionals. We know exactly what to do. And nobody else does what we do. Period.

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