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NEW! PT-5250 Guide/Leader Headset. Behind-the-head style for highest noise facilities. (Compatible with hard-hats) Soft Vinyl, around-the-ear Earpads for easy cleaning.

Our Revolutionary, New All-In-One Guide Headsets. Only Available at Plant-Tours.com.

Plant-Tours.com’s exclusive, all-in-one group leader headsets let your tour guides focus on their message and the reason for the tour.


Plant-Tours.com has serviced many Interfor plants with their tour guide and training system requirements. Interfor is one of the largest wood producers in North America and processes products for decking, framing, furniture, packaging, paneling, and many other construction applications. They contacted PlantTours.com in search of a new tour system that had several key characteristics. They were interested in a lightweight 1-way system with easy storage capabilities and with high noise communication capabilities.

After thoroughly discussing their priorities with the expert Plant-Tours.com Tour and Training Consultant, Interfor requested quotes for the tour guide system including the PT-5250 headset for each of their three guides who facilitate the tour activities on a regular basis. The PT-5250 features an NRR rating of 24, designed and patented for high noise areas of 90Db and up. Although this headset is durable and robust, it is also lightweight and very comfortable, even during lengthy tour and training activities. The PT-5250 features a fully adjustable headband and fits comfortably underneath hard-hats and bump caps. With soft vinyl earpads, this headset is fully cleanable between uses and has an in-line volume control which allows the Interfor guides to adjust the sound level of their ear speakers to hear themselves speak and to easily understand the questions asked by the visitors via the optional hand-held mic, perfect for Q&A.

Paired with the PT-5100 transmitter and the PT-3000 Charging Cases, Interfor ordered a Plant-Tours.com tour system that is simple to use, features, excellent sound quality for crisp and clear fidelity and is completely portable in a suitcase-style case with wheels and telescoping handle. All the visitors use the PT-250 headphone, the companion tour guest accessory which allows them to clearly hear every word on the tour. Information delivery and exchange is critical and Interfor is able to increase the efficiency of their tours and the content being shared with their special guests.


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With features you won’t find anywhere else, we’ve covered all the bases with these lightweight versatile headsets:

  • Your event leaders hear their own voice without the need any additional headphones or receivers. One belt or pocket mounted receiver/transmitter handles everything.
  • No more extra receiver/headphone combo needed over your transmitter, eliminating the excessive weight and tangled, annoying cables on your head, neck and belt.
  • Your guides control their personal volume level, eliminating the need to shout to hear themselves.
  • External devices such as MP3 players, iPods, tablets and more can be integrated when coupled with the PT-5100 Guide Transmitter.
  • Your message is delivered with ease, comfort and confidence so that you can showcase your operation effectively.

These new headsets – found only at Plant-Tours.com – are the ultimate in comfort and convenience for tour guides and leaders. We’ll gladly help you select the headset model that’s ideal for your tour type, audience and location. Customer service is our hallmark.


Allows your guides to clearly hear themselves speak, eliminating their urge to shout while delivering tour information to your guests.  And they can also hear the visitor questions in crisp stereo sound, eliminating annoying repetition of questions and expediting exchange of important information.

We’re confident you’ll be impressed by our four new, patented headsets, designed specifically with your industrial event requirements in mind. Available ONLY at Plant-Tours.com.

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