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Two Way Tour Guide Transceivers & Receivers

Don’t let the title fool you.

Yes, the MT-700 transceiver and MT-700R portable receiver are cornerstone components of many two way audio tour guide systems.

And yes, they are designed to allow multiple factory tours operate in the same location, just like our other digital two-way audio equipment.

But… factory tours aren’t the only time you’ll find the Plant-Tours MT-700 and MT-700R portable transmitter useful. By discovering other uses for them, you’ll find your investment in quality digital communication pays for itself quickly.

By the way, if your location is not a factory or other manufacturing facility, keep reading. This two way audio tour guide system is great for other venues as well.

You’ll find they’re excellent for events in or at:

– Warehouses and Distribution Centers
– Churches and other houses of worship
– Indoor and outdoor concert facilities
– Military base tours
– Student tours and college campus tours
– Even on the tradeshow floor!

Benefits of the MT-700 and MT-700R

The MT-700 is a transceiver. That means it has both talk and listen features. It can be used as a standalone unit or paired with one of our state-of-the-art headsets with built-in boom microphones or speaker microphones. Each member of the groups can participate with the press of a button, at any time.

The MT-700R is small, compact and simple to use. It is designed for only receiving/listening capability. For tours where there is a desire for no or limited interaction between guests and tour guides, this makes a great option.

The MT-700R pairs easily with any of our exclusive two way headphones options. But you can also use it as is, with no attached headphone.

Both units are ruggedly built to resist wear and tear. Note the heavy-duty antennas on both models. These withstand the rough environments of the factory floor, convention center or construction site. The heavy-duty cases are designed to last-with either occasional or daily use.

Multi-channel operation like few others

Both the MT-700 and MT-700R come with 15 operating channels. Other low-quality products normally come with two or three channels. That limits the number of tours that can operate simultaneously.

This rugged two way audio guide system’s pre-programmed private line codes ensure minimal interference or crosstalk for multiple tours or work group communication needs.

Does your facility have multiple crafts working onsite? For example, are there mechanics, operators, maintenance, electricians, riggers or other departments working away at the same time?

The multi-channel capability means that each department can have their own dedicated channel, yet still communicate with each other quickly and easily, at the turn of a channel selection knob.

If you’re worried about coverage, don’t be. These rugged models can communicate up to one-third of a mile.

Two way communication... your way

You can use any combination of MT-700 transceivers and MT-700R receivers. What you use depends on what you need. The MT-700 transceiver model is perfect when pure two-way communication is necessary between participants. Internal tours or inspection walkthroughs are two examples.

Add in some MT-700R units, and you’ll have a complete two way audio tour guide system that’s versatile enough to suit your any of your listen-only tour requirements.

This all sounds great, but…
What if you’re not sure what you’ll need?

Let Plant-Tours.com take the guesswork out of the equation. Give our expert Service Representatives a call today at (888) 219-7561. They’ll listen as you explain your needs and put together a free demo kit that fits your requirements.

Free demo kit?

That’s right… a free demo kit, shipped directly to you via UPS. They’ll include the MT-700 and MT-700R units, plus any headsets or headphones you ask for. This allows you to run our audio tour guide system through its paces to make sure it’s exactly what you need. Additionally, you’re under no obligation to buy or rent the equipment we send. If it’s not right for you, just send it back, pre-paid with our label included.

You won’t find that kind of exceptional customer service anywhere else.

To rent or buy? That's a good question!

If you’ll only need a two way audio tour guide system occasionally, we suggest you check into our personalized rental options. If you’re hosting a large tour, be sure to ask about our Full Service Rental Package.

But once you have a chance to test out our tour guide equipment, you may find uses for a tour guide system on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. In that case, you’ll want to purchase a system to keep onsite at all times.

We’ll be happy to discuss that option with you. Our trained professional service reps will make sure you get the components you need to fit your unique requirements.

At Plant-Tours.com, we don’t use a cookie cutter approach to customer service. Contact us today at (888) 219-5736.

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The units we purchased are working great. We have just completed a system implementation at our Plant. We used them extensively during that two week period. While I was onsite I noticed that the Plant had also purchased several Plant-Tours.com radios/headsets and they were using them regularly. Thanks for working with us to deliver solutions that work across multiple locations in our company.

Prairie Farms

Very helpful in assisting us with our headset rental needs. From start to finish Plant-Tours made this a great experience.

westrock logo


The headsets and Tour Guide sets worked great. The Tours were a big hit.

conestoga wood specialities logo


The Plant-Tours team could not have been more helpful, from explaining product availability to demonstrating its use in our plant.

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A huge thank you again for all your help in getting our first order together in a rush for a big event this past week. Working with Plant Tours was phenomenal! Your passionate and knowledgeable service, immediate and thorough responses, and attention to detail made for a superb first-time ordering experience. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support. READ MORE

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On behalf of Siemens Corporate Communications, I would like express my sincere appreciation for the efforts of Darryl, Luke and the entire Plant-Tours staff. Darryl helped us coordinate all the logistical aspects our Partner Summit Interactive Event from the sales process to the successful execution of serving our 250+ participants.

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Very prompt delivery, fantastic job of being pro-active especially with the potential for weather issues. Never a disappointment dealing with Plant Tours.

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Plant-Tours is a great company to deal with. Professional folks with Professional equipment.

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We regularly rely on Plant-Tours.com and each experience is trouble free. The service is consistently great.

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Great job to you and team. The execution was flawless. Everyone loved the convenience of having the headsets.


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