One Way Tour Guide Systems with Q&A Interaction

with Q&A Interaction

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Most facility tours are guide-driven. The ability to hear the leader's explanations and speech clearly is a top priority to your interested visitors and guests.

We have the solution for all your requirements:

  • audio clarity
  • guide's control of group, and
  • the occasional attendee questions

Crisp and Clear Message Delivery

Our new, revolutionary Guide/Leader Headsets deliver your message to your event participants clearly and comfortably. Your tour leader speaks in normal, relaxed voice in any noise environment.

These innovative headsets let your guides hear their own voice, exactly like the tour attendees receive.

With other inferior systems, additional headphones and receivers must be worn on top of the guide's microphone and transmitter. Uncomfortable and awkward, to say the least! Our patented all-in-one design is the ultimate in comfort, clarity, and ease of operation.

A single, lightweight transmitter/receiver unit powers the headset and attaches comfortably to the guide's belt or pocket.

Comfortable Headphones Equal an Enjoyable Tour Experience

If the headphones are uncomfortable, your tour participants suffer. That's the primary reason doesn't offer heavy, bulky, low-quality headphones. Even on a short tour, they irritate and annoy your guests, causing them to lose focus on your message.

Our lightweight, ergonomically designed, patented headphones are available for any noise level environment — from a quiet lab to a high-decibel stamping operation. This lets your guests concentrate on your message instead of being distracted by their personal discomfort.

Your visitors won't be exasperated with complicated receivers either. Our new lightweight, rugged receivers have a range of up to 200 feet. That means that your guests are never out of "earshot" and will always hear your message loud and clear. A simple dial allows them to adjust the headphone volume to their preferred comfort level.

Hand-Held Microphones Enhance Interaction

Your guests may want clarification on presentation points during your tour. They need the ability to interact and ask questions. Your tour format might require your team to present information or add further explanation.

A hand-held microphone gives your guide the flexibility to include this type of interaction. The guide simply switches on the mic and hands it to the participant or presenter. Once they have finished, the mic is returned to the guide and easily switched off.

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