• Our Top Tips on How to Give a Campus Tour

    There’s something magical about college campus visits. It’s showing off potential new worlds to high school students. It’s presenting them with what could be their lives for the next several years. There is so much going on during these visits.…

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  • Top Benefits of using Audio Tour Guide Equipment

    Providing tours has become an essential aspect of a growing number of businesses. These tours are not always in the traditional sense, where a presentation is given on a historical location or where a facility is built specifically to accommodate…

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a Tour Guide Communication System in Your Workplace

    Sometimes manufacturers ask – What is a tour guide communication system, and do I need one? At, we manufacture and sell one-way and two-way communication systems specially designed to meet the needs of industrial and manufacturing facilities. Of course,…

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  • Importance and Effectiveness of a Plant Tour

    When running a manufacturing or distribution plant, your main goal is to get the job done as effectively as possible while keeping everyone safe. However, there are times where you’ll need to step out and provide additional services, including to…

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  • Our Gemba Walk Checklist for maximizing Staff Communication

    As the owner of a manufacturing facility, one of your main tasks is to make sure everything runs smoothly down on the production floor. Ideally, everything will work as it should without you hovering over the shoulder of employees. After…

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